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Good morning πŸŒ„

I am hoping to add more exercise to my daily routine but am struggling with energy levels! I work as a primary school teacher from 7.30 to 5 most days and by the end of the day I am wiped out! Usually all my energy left is used up with evening chores and I am in bed by 9 or earlier!! I really need to shake this up! Help!

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Hi! Welcome to the community!!

You are amazing to do what you do, my hat is off to you. I wonder is it would help you to take your exercise in very small doses? You are off to a good start with Active10 - a 10 minute walk before you turn in is a great deal better than nothing. Alternatively a very short HIIT workout (example below) would raise your heart rate for a few minutes and be highly beneficial, and following that with a five minute gentle yoga practice would calm you and stretch out your weary muscles.

On our sister community, Strength & Flex, we have a list of at-home workouts (mostly YouTube videos), many of which are very short - scroll down to browse through them healthunlocked.com/strength...

All the best xxx



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Thank you I will check that out!

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Just added a sample HIIT workout vid, and a short yoga one to my reply 😊😊😊

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