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My favourite local route

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Gorgeous weather yesterday. Here a pic of my regular route for running and walking. It’s fairly flat, has wooded and field sections and a beautiful old Victorian old bridge going over. No cars but plenty of views over Golf courses, fields, and woods. It was a former rail line so quite straight. Cool in summer, but keeping the winds at bay in winter. Some benches halfway, 4.6k so perfect.

What does everyone‘s else’s favourite local walk look like?

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I had to look twice at your photo it looks very similar to my favourite bridleway also a former railway line 😉😉

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CBDB in reply to dijep

Sisters! I’m sure 😃! (Mine is on the border between Cheshire and Staffordshire) 😆

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dijep in reply to CBDB

Here's mine this morning rather frosty in West Yorkshire pity about the overflowing bin

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CBDB in reply to dijep

Ha ha 😃 I see what you mean by similarities! Another beauty of a route, lucky us! 🌲🌳🍀🌿🌱🍁🏃🏽‍♀️

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This was our walk on Friday night, we have had a very low spring tide, so we could walk on the sand (shingle beach here) - with a cheeky can of beer 😊

A beer on Hove Beach
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CBDB in reply to roseabi

👍🏽( I miss the sea, am a bit landlocked at the mo! )

This is part of my walk yesterday. I like canal towpaths, they're guaranteed to be relatively flat and of course they go for miles. There's a lake just to the left here with a good path round too. The only problem is that being more or less in the city it can get quite busy. I'm looking forward to the schools opening next week when it should quieten down.

Canal towpath by lake
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CBDB in reply to slipstick

Nice! Sadly our regional canal paths tend to be deeply muddy during winter, but I have one on my plan once the weather gets better.

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slipstick in reply to CBDB

Some of ours gets pretty mucky too but I checked today and they're drying up nicely so I'll give them a try, maybe even tomorrow.

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LottieMW in reply to slipstick

My local canal is too far from home during lockdown...I can’t wait to get back on it for my long runs. It’s got a proper surface too!

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slipstick in reply to LottieMW

I can only get to that walk by calling in on my way back from an 'essential' shopping trip. Worth it though.

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LottieMW in reply to slipstick


I took advantage of Mr. L’s 1 hour optician appointment in town to revisit The River Walk. At 2.5 miles from home, it’s a little too far to count as “exercise from home”...☹️

It’s where I was walking last year, when not in Lockdown, as it’s a relatively flat 2 mile circuit. It was also the ideal place to start my C25k journey back in August. My pace is that slow, that I was able to complete all my runs up to and including W8! The River Walk also forms part of my local Park Run...I’ve used the course for my Consolidation Runs, and logged them as (not) Park Runs.

It felt strange to be back, but I really enjoyed the lack of inclines today! I’m hoping that there will be some relaxation in the exercise rules soon...there’s a rumour we may be able to travel within boroughs 🤞🏼

5 riverside scenes and a Strava stats map.
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CBDB in reply to LottieMW

That looks so so good! My feet are drooling! 🤤

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