My New Fitbit

My new fitbit arrived today and I've now got it set up, so it will be interesting to see if the fitbit and the phone agree on my steps from tomorrow! I'm hoping they will and I don't get a dissy tomorrow when "fitbit" works out my steps.. Though it seems to be on target with my phone this afternoon as I'm now at over 11,000 on the phone and well over 2.5thousand on the fitbit over just over 3 hours.

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  • Let us know how you get on. I love watching my activity monitor rack up the steps, my Dad is in his 80’s and has just started, he is loving the stats 😀

  • Didn'r register that I'd walked 1 mile today in front of the TV - maybe U.S. miles are shorter? But it does say that I've walked over 3500 steps so far today and it's just past 10am.

  • Well done on you 3500 steps. Mine didn’t register crosstraining as it was all on the same spot, I used to feel all that hard work and not even a step for it. 🙁.

  • That explains why sometimes it registers and other times it doesn't where as my phone registers that I have moved - though not gone anywhere. At the moment my phone is registering 9644 steps and the fitbit is at 9609 steps so not that much different after all.

  • i know the feeling, i get annoyed if i leave my phone behind as i have noom walk on there for my steps but really we know its done but like to keep a record

  • Ooh. A new toy to keep you motivated! Keep us posted on how it's going. I find keeping track of my steps is very motivating. It'll be nice because the fitbit you wear all the time, but the phone you might set down for a bit and not carry around.

  • Yes yesterday I managed over 16,000 steps and the phone was only at just over 10,000 but as you say I'd put the phone down when I started making my dinner and forgot to lift it again then when I did I realized it needed charging so it was on charge till this morning.

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