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Need help and quick


Hello!😊 I am a 20 year old female and I am struggling with my weight, currently I have been struggling with depression although my family thinks I'm faking which makes it worse.

I need a plan that I can do at home and not outside as I'm socially awkward.

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So am I which is exactly why walking outside is great. I say hi as I walk by but you don't converse really. It's a confidence builder. I just really keep it simple (but i looooove listening to music when I work out).

You can do it!♡♡♡

Just start a few exercises sitting,buildyours legs to& frow,do 20,then build up

It’s true that small steps make a big difference, but Walking and exercise is only part of the answer Need_help_quick . . . Have you seen the Weight Loss Forum here

I'm wondering if exercise at home is the answer if that's a place you're not getting support? A friendly wave from a stranger might be a real boost and you might see others out and about doing the same thing.

There are YouTube walking videos you can do in a small space (eg your room) and gentle yoga is worth a go - can build strength and flexibility and support your mental health.

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