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Phone not recording steps for past 2 days


I love your app and it has stimulated me into making 3 (sometimes even 4!) x 10 minutes brisk walking a day, which at 80 is quite good. But now to a technical question. For the past 2 days my Samsung A5 (bought 3 months ago) records no walking at all. Is there any tweaking I can do or does my phone's sensor simply not work? Seems a bit soon for such a function to break down. Any advice? Thanks

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Is it still doing this? There may have been an update which has sorted out the problem...

Were you running any other apps at the same time? I find that if I run View Ranger a GPS app that logs distance and time then sometimes Active 10 refuses to log anything. A few days ago I did 56 minutes at an average speed of 2.6mph. Active10 said I'd walked for 4 minutes none of it brisk.

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