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Hi new here going to download the app tonight how good are the results

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You will find many people on here who have come back from periods of inactivity due to ill health or injury and the Active10 has been a great tool to help them get going again. I had surgery in 2017 and found it very useful to help build up after that. There is lots of motivation from members on here too. Good luck with your journey.


Hi there Christopherj94 and welcome to our forum! You'll get lots of support and motivation from our lovely members on your journey to better health and fitness. The app seems to be a bit glitchy, but I'm going on what other walkers have posted as I don't use it myself (technophobe par excellence!). All I can say is give it a go!



The app sometimes doesn’t agree with what I’ve done, but the active 10 brisk walks do make a difference. I was already running 3/4 times a week and adding active 10 on my “rest” days has raised my fitness noticeably. I’m running faster and I have a lot more energy.


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