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Unreliable Active 10


I've been using the Active 10 app for a while now and though I like it I find it does give the occasional annoying result. For example I can do the same short walk of about 9 minutes duration (getting the newspaper) at an average speed of over 4 miles an hour and on one occasion the app will tell me I've done 8 minutes of brisk walking and on another only 4. I find also that I have to be careful about which pocket I put my phone in so that the app knows I'm walking, even then with my phone in what I thought was the good pocket this morning I walked for 17 minutes at my usual quick pace and the app said I'd done only 4 minutes of brisk walking. Do other users have similar experiences?

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Thanks for your reply. Most of my regular exercise is cycling and I do use a heart rate monitor for that every so often. I'll keep going with Active 10 which does produce the results I expect on longer walks. Oh, and when I'm out on the bike Active 10 does reflect when I'm standing on the pedals!

Ive has the same problem. I use a treadmill at home so I know exactly how long I am doing and at what effort (as I usually end up dripping and bright red)! Doing a 30 min walk on it at a fast pace last week, I check active 10 and it split all the minutes up so I didn’t actually get a single ten! 😡

Yes, very annoying!

I have just got back from my walk time 1hour 15 minutes I logged on to the 10app what a surprise I only walked for 20 minutes so got 2 Ten minutes yet on my Fitbit I walked9.985 steps I find it so annoying so I deleted the app because it is not reliable it as done it a few times I can do it myself the app wants to get its act to together it disappoints the user

Unfortunately the app is glitchy, We tried filtering problems through to the developers but the line of communication is closed now, we can only hope that they are working hard to solve its problems.

Thank you.

I used to use it, but I found the same as you. Felt like I was walking forever and not getting anywhere. So I have stopped using it.


I am sorry that this is the case. We are working hard to solve any issue. I am not sure why some of you think that the lines are closed. They are not and we are constantly listening. In order to address any problem, we need to have precise feedback. This includes knowing the type of phone and the app version. The best way is to report any issue is by leaving a rating on the Google Play store or the App store. This will allow us to see these details and to address any issue. Thanks for your understanding!

i have the same problem, it sometimes doesn't record anything ,even when i've done an hour in the gym with 30 minutes on the running machine, it will say i have done nothing.It really is a bit useless now and i use another app

Well, I've found that the app often doesn't work at all, no matter how much I uninstall and re-install and re-boot. So although it started off well and I was enthusiastic, I'm beginning to lose heart

fabciraActive10Researcher in reply to alric

As developers we ask to leave a review on the Apple Store or the Android Play store so that we can look into the issue - the stores will give us the exact details of the phone model, operating system version, etc. Thanks for your cooperation

I ve just had exactly the same, yesterday def walked briskly for at least 25 mins, hadn't tracked at all, today 20 mins all brisk, only 6 tracked as brisk grrrrrr

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