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2 months of Active 10!


About a month ago I posted how happy it made me that I achieved doing one brisk walk of 10 minutes a day during the previous month. Since then I doubled it an again I can only say how good it feels having achieved two brisk walks a day last month. As from today I increased the goal to do 3 brisk walks per day from now on. The app, even with its flaws (although I have never lost data), helped me building up the habit of integrating physical movement into my daily life. The elevator in my office building being broken since 3 weeks also helped a lot. I have no need of more sophisticated apps that tell me how fast I walk, or what my heart rate is. A simple app that helps me leading a more healthy life is all I needed.

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Well done _Jan_ ! So wonderful to achieve your goals, hey? I also try to do 3 brisk walks a day, but I can only manage 7 minutes each time, but I live in hope of reaching 10 by the end of the year! Because Active 10 concentrates on short walks it doesn't seem as daunting as a some fitness plans and as you rightly say, once you get into the habit, it's very doable! Well done again and the very best of luck for your goal of 3 X daily.:)

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Hi kay50, Even 7 minutes 3 times a day is good and you have you goal to make it to 10 so that is great.

Congratulations Jan, with your achievement 😊

That’s great to hear, well done on your achievements. It is so easy to underestimate the health giving properties of walking, your post is a great reminder for everyone.

Fantastic work Jan. Sounds like it's been several very positive months. Keep up the excellent work.

Hi Jan

I bet you spend more than 5 minutes walking up the stairs at work. Maybe a bit less on the way down, but it all counts.

Good luck with your goal this month.

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