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Wonderful sunshine!

Oh wow, hasn't the weather been glorious the last couple of days? When the sun shines it really lifts my spirits and I can't stop smiling! I just had to feel the warmth on my body and rather than sit in my little garden I visited my local coffee shop yesterday AND today - a lovely posh coffee both times and 3500 steps both days too! And guess what? If the sun's shining tomorrow I'm going to do it again. I do hope you are all making the most of this glorious sunshine and getting a few walks in!

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It feels so good dosent it! I love the sunshine it makes winter feel so far away. Well done on your double day walks. Enjoy your triple whammy and your well deserved coffee. If it’s really hot you could always have it over ice. 😀 ☕️❄️.


Oh yes!?!:)


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