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Sun's shining and the sky's blue - walking weather!

I wasn't going to go out today - I think every joint in my body's aching! When I can't do stuff because my body won't cooperate it can make me feel really low. But the weather today is so lovely! It's certainly fresh out, but the sun's shining and the sky's blue and cloudless. I decided that a posh coffee would surely lift my mood and out I went! Made it to the coffee shop, had a posh coffee and set off for home - then my knees decided to really complain! I didn't panic - just slowed down and kind of meandered home! My walk definitely took longer than usual, but you know what? I don't care - it was lovely outdoors and I feel good! AND the cherry on top is that I did my 3000 steps - hooray!

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That is great Kay. You are doing the right thing. Sometimes you just have to change things around to fit in with how you are feeling. I was due to go out today but yesterday I went for a swim and I was aching this morning so just went out with my father in law instead.

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