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Hip Hip Hooray - Posh Coffee Consumed!

Joints are so much better today AND the wind has quietened down, so I've been out for a walk. I walked my 1500 steps to my local coffee shop, had a posh coffee and walked the 1500 steps home again - that was about 2 hours ago and my joints are still ok! Happy days!

I also got on the scales today (I started watching my diet around the beginning of Sept) and my weight loss is now 25lbs! Happy days again!

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Fantastic news Kay50 I'm really pleased for you. We'll done


Thanks Karen!


Way to go Kay! That's great progress.


Thanks runswithdogs - I haven't been out today, I really had to clean my little house and then, horror of horrors, join up my tv and laptop!!!! But I need not have worried - I managed first time!!! Who knows, I might even work out how to use my phone for more than calls and texts one day!!! Lol


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