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1st brisk walk in ages

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Well, today it's miserable and raining, but strangely I feel better than I've done for a long time. It's taken me nearly all day to pluck up the courage, but I finally put on my raincoat and wellies and went out with my Sholley to see if I could manage a brisk walk. And I DID! More than half of the 1500 (not a huge number, but good for me!) steps was uphill too and I was pretty much breathless all the way. I've just got back and am going to have a celebratory cup of tea! I do hope this continues next week!

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Is there an 'Active 10 app' as in C25K app, I have joined a walking club, last year I graduated running C25K run 3 of week 9, I was just wondering if there is a similar app for Active 10, which is more for walkers, I have gone long walks for far longer than I have been running.

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Hi there AlMorr! Yes there is an app! It's called Active 10 and quite a few of the forum members use it. Personally I don't - total technophobe, I'm afraid! It does tend to be glitchy at times but seems OK most of the time. Good luck and enjoy your walking group!

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I have installed the app, I'll try it out soon

Good luck with the app, enjoy your walks.

Woohoo, good to see you out again. You know what I’m going to say 😀. Take it steady. I’m pleased for you. Xxx

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Thanks Rfc - hopefully normality will reign for some time to come! And trust me, slow and steady it will be - I'm not capable of doing fast and furious!lol:)

Yay, Kay, way to go! I admire your grit and determination.

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Thanks suryakaizen!

If you can brave that weather, you can do anything. Keep it up!

Well done for overcoming your excuses!

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Thanks 13Valerie!

Well done Kay, if you are out of breath it means your heart is working, or something like that. Not quite sure what it means pumping your blood round quicker maybe. And it has made you feel good too. Today I haven’t gone out for a walk far too cold and windy, my walks are quite open no shelter from the wind. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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Thanks Lesley1234567 - I must admit, we've got a really cold wind blowing here too and I'm bit stiff from yesterday, so it was a short meander for me today. Let's hope tomorrow will be a better day for both of us!

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We have had a fairly good winter and spring is not too far away now

Bonus points for getting out in terrible weather. Onwards and upwards Kay.

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Thanks runswithdogs. I hope you're coping ok with the winter weather in Canada:)

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Winter has been very warm this year. We've been spoiled. Normally we'd have several days of -30C, but amazingly it's been hovering above and below zero for the most part. Apparently it's changing this weekend with our first hit of -20 or so. But no complaints here!

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OMG - it just has to drop 1 or 2 degrees below zero and I'm all in a tizz! But -20?!?! All the best, runswithdogs x

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