Ending 2017 with a bang!

For the first time in days (Christmas, family, being away....) I went walking today. And I managed 3000 steps!!! The best I've done this entire year! I must admit that I called in at the veggie shop on the way back, so I did have a little rest - even so, I'm so pleased to have got to this magic number! I can even dare to dream of 5000 steps sometime in 2018! Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement you've given me this year, I couldn't have done it without you!

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  • Oh Kay that's fantastic! Way to end the year off on the next level. Wishing you a happy, healthy 2018 - I hope you meet all your walking goals.

  • Thanks runswithdogs - onward and upward for us all!

  • Kay that is great, I am so pleased for you, Hehe you know what I’m going to say, take it easy slow and steady, 😀. You are doing so well. Happy walking for the New Year.

  • Thanks Rfc - no chance of fast and furious, slow and steady is all I can manage!

  • Well done Kay you should be very proud of yourself. A great achievement to finish off 2017. Just imagine what 2018 is going to bring you

  • Thanks Karen!

  • That is great news kay50. After 2 years of pain from arthritis, I find that am now able to walk half a kilometre. Looking forward to being more active in 2018, and wishing all of you in the forum good health and much joy of the coming year.

  • Thanks Suryakaizen - I hope you also have a new year that brings you improved health and great happiness! Well done on your walking achievement! By the way, I took your advice and have been taking turmeric and ginger daily - the arthritic pain is definitely relieved! Thank you!

  • Well done! What a great way to end the year. Trying to build up my swimming as used to be very hood. Now temnlemgths is my limit! Trying to add five lengths on every week but it’s hard! Keep going with your walking - it makes everybody seem better x

  • Thanks Scottishgranny - as you so rightly say, getting fit and mobile isn't easy! I added only 100 steps a week, but to me it seemed like an extra mile! Good luck on your journey to being fit and healthy!

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