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Active 10 Badges 2018

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We are here to reward you for your walks.

This is the post that goes along with the Active 10 app

Please feel free to ask for your badges as you accomplish them.

Only one Badge will show up at a time so as you earn new badges the other ones will be replaced.

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

Realfoodieclub, Kay50 and Runswithdogs.

Active 10 - Reward badges

Super Starter- Complete your first active 10 walk- a faster paced walk that lasts for 10 minutes.

Goal Boost- Level up and add another Active 10 to your goal- When you feel ready, up your goal to 2 active 10's a day- Do this when you feel ready, it is a journey not a race.

Triple Whammy- Complete two active 10's for three days running- once you get to 2 active 10's a day keep the streak going for three days in a row.

Walking Wonder- Achieve three active 10's a week for a month.- One you get to this stage you will be fitting your walking in as second nature and your pathway to good health and fitness has been set.

The other four badges are:-

Walking warrior Bronze- Achieve your daily goal for a week

Walking warrior Silver- Smash your daily goals for two weeks

Walking warrior Gold- Celebrate three weeks of getting your goals

Walking Warrior Platinum- Hit your daily goal for a month

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Walking warrior Bronze- Achieve your daily goal for a week...

How I can claim above mentioned badge..

Your badge is there now, Congratulations and well done.

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Well done WalkingLover!

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