Walking back to health

Hi All,I'm a newby,have walked a lot,until being a Carer lasting 5yrs,now,I'm 5stone overweight,pain free,68,but have medium problem at times with emphysemia,car fumes ,pollen ect,but main prob is not SOBreath,but motivation!so reading all information here,and record my walks to start with,time and distance,I'm a 'plodder' type of walker i hope😊☕

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  • Plodding is great, we have many different walkers here of all levels. Everyone is supportive of each other. I have been a carer for a few years and I found getting out for my walks was one thing that helped us both, I would always come back a bit stronger from my walks mentally, for me it was all about escape (in a nice way). I would put my headphones on and as I was walking I could feel the tension release, please keep coming on here and let us know how your getting on.

  • thanks,will do,I agree,walking,helps positive thoughts,ideas ect,I am coming out if my shell,but keep ducking back in!thanks fir reminder,s's I need see how important at this stage of my life,and be serious about it ,gradually feeling calmer,sense if humour also,my 3 cats are taking brunt if it,have a nice week,😊

  • If you are pain free then that's a bonus 👍🙂

    Walking burns lots of,calories so do as much as you can. Leave the car, don't take the bus, walk as much as possible on your errands etc.

    I learned to run once I'd lost an appreciable amount of weight but I still walk everywhere, when not running that is

    Walking is not just about going for a walk. Make it your main mode of transport 🙂👍

  • I like walking,briskly,maybe try to run sion😊 it's confidence with me,and learning to push myself harder,be nice to have daily personal trainer shake me out for walkies/runnies🌼

  • Welcome Arry88! I so identify with you, and joining this group has changed my life - perhaps even saved it! I've also allowed myself to become horribly unfit and overweight over the last few years. But knowing you have to do something about it and actually getting off your bum are two different things! Belonging to this group has given me the motivation to start caring about myself again. Unfortunately I'm in constant pain, but I do what I can - averaging only about 2000/2500 steps daily. But the best thing about this group is that the members encourage EVERY effort to get walking! You will get support here, and encouragement when you fail as well as when you succeed - it's like having a bunch of friends who pick you up when you stumble. Good luck on your journey!

  • Hi Kay, '2 peas in a pod eh',great about walk prog,I'm just going to do mine,(home ones!)i don't have any pain issues, im sorry you have though,wheezy chest,from pneumonia,yrs ago,no meds.ive going to chair exercise here in Southampton,8 weeks,lasts one and half hours,to 60s music,about 35 of us,done with walking frame,I also swim alot,I'm retired nurse,68,used to helping others,😊 really going fir it thus week,re diary,photoing my weight,not sure how to send on here,working on that

  • Welcome and happy walking. Keep posting and let us know how you are doing.

  • I too have been a carer for 10 years and have put on 5 stones, comfort eating. Now that I don't have to do the caring anymore (my husband died December 16) and I am trying to walk more but I have a lower back problem, due to a bad fall years ago, I cannot go far without it twinging. It's a never ending circle isn't it. We have to keep going and trying.

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