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My Big wet walk last week

Last week we went for a little walk round Richmond park. It was a beautiful sunning day but a bit of rain had been forecast, well in all fairness a rip roaring thunder storm had been forecast but the weather reports have been so out recently we convinced ourselves they had got it wrong. We decided that the best thing to do was to drive to Richmond park and then walk down to the Thames and into the town, that way by the time the storm came, if it did, we could duck into a coffee shop.

So off we toddled, the first part of the walk was great the weather was sunny and hot, we had our trusty backpacks with us, as we started back into hiking we treated ourselves to a new backpack each. After a little while we found ourselves down by the river and it was a perfect time to stop on a bench for our packed lunches. My new favourite thing for lunch is wholemeal pasta salad, jam packed full of veggies and I had a little tuna with it and a small amount of hellmans mayo, a little of that goes a long way.

After a small break we set off again, the weather was holding and we convinced ourselves the rain was not coming so we walked into town and went for a coffee. MrRfc wanted to go to Boots and I wanted to go to ththe bank so we split up and in that short space of time the heavens opened. By the time MrRfc had walked back to me he looked like a drowned rat and the car was still all the way back in Richmond park.

So hoods up and off we went, we hadn't got far when we remembered that the backpacks we had had a special compartment with a waterproof coat for the backpack so we stopped in a doorway and put the little coats on them. It is a really good idea, maybe better to remember straight away, but hopefully we will next time. By the time We got back to the car we were drenched. Both our coats were waterproof but I had jeans on and they really didn't feel that good when wet, MrRfc had craghopper trousers on, he bought these post transplant as they have uv filter and equivalent to factor 50 and mossie protection as looking after his skin in the sun is top priority when you are on immunosuppressants. By the time he sat in the car his trousers were completely dry, I might look into getting some of them, he definitely had a more comfortable ride home. We had to laugh at ourselves but all in all a good day out even if it was a bit wet.

The picture is of my little coat for the back pack.

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I grew up in SW London and I spent a summer working at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. I was the tea and coffee lady! Fortunately this was before coffee became complicated. Such a lovely place! We used to walk around the Isabella Plantation as a family.


Sounds like a great adventure RFC - I'm so happy you're having these together.

That backpack cover is brilliant. My OH has one built into his, mine doesn't have it.


I just to getting soaked when I go walking. I stay in Scotland and when I was visiting my friend in London last year she always laughed at me because when we went out I always took my jacket. :-D

I have a pair of craig hopper trousers as well that do get wet but they do dry quickly, which is good and I like them. :-D


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