walkinng is addictive!

I live next to the sea and had walked leisurely in the evenings after work. After a check up, my doctor diagnosed low thyroid function. Instead of taking pills, I decided to "walk myself into better condition." And six months later, my hormonal values were normal. There's no turning back, so now it's part of my daily routine- walking at least an hour. So glad there's a new walking forum in HealthUnlocked. Now, if only I could keep on my diet...

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  • I also have low thyroid but I am on medication. I do find that exercise helps keep me going and I feel better with both. I does help to keep the incentive up when it makes you feel better 😀.

  • Thanks for the comments. Walking doesn't feel like exercise. And certainly you are right about an incentive to keep going. Cheers!

  • thank you - yes. And the encouragement from others on this forum is also an incentive.

  • Ooh clever you ... I'm glad to read this as my thyroid is slightly under active. We bought a dog a year ago, I also invested in a FitBit and have the Active 10 app on my phone. It's amazing how motivated you can get to achieve these achievable goals, once you get started .... I walked 1.5hrs this morning, have done over 12,000 steps today - the dog is exhausted! I'm also amazed how the steps are achieved by doing daily around the house tasks!

  • Nice, Susie54! Yes- I've heard that the more you exercise, the more energy you get to keep going. Well-done. Cute to read that the dog is exhausted, but not you.

  • Well done you! It's heartening to hear such successful stories!

  • I totally agree, I also live by the sea and absolutely love walking. My favourite place though is the Lake District, you cannot beat a walk and across fells.

    Well done to you on turning your health around


  • Oh, lucky you. Hiking in the historic Lake District is a future mission. Am about to hike in a national park with a thermos of coffee and a book about edible wild plants. And good luck to you!

  • Hi. I also have an under active thyroid. I dont know why yours in not working properly but unfortunately its not possible to make it better by exercise.

    If you have the most common reason, an auto immune disorder, then your thyroid will have periods of working well and other times of being under/over active. But at some point it will stop working. How long this takes depends on the person, but it can be years.

    Keeping fit is of course important but ask for your levels to be checked regularly and be aware of the symptoms.

    I left it far too long and some of the consequences are quite nasty, including heart disease.

    I have just found the energy to start walking again and really envy you the lovely location!

  • Thank you for the advice and your thoughts, and I hope you gain more energy, and that you can keep rambling and walking. That you find a nice area to be in. Good to know about the auto-immune part, and I have had a couple check ups post-diagnosis and my levels are still normal. I'll stick to my illusion of walking to fitness for the while, though. Too much to do, too much terrain to cover- was in a national park with a primeval forest last weekend. Here in Sweden there are still primeval forests and it's blueberry and chantarelle season. Best of luck!

  • Where you live sounds wonderful saltseakate. I live near the Sefton coast (and have an underactive thyroid 😨) and you can't beat a good walk, either alone or with a borrowed dog, whatever the weather as long as you're dressed appropriately!

    It helps towards creating balance - physically and emotionally. Keep up the good work and the checkups - walking to fitness is not an illusion!

  • Thanks for the encouraging words grannydoug, will do. Going into the woods tomorrow to pick chanterelles, thanks to the recent rains here. Sounds like you have a lovely coastal area as well, and I hope you are walking. Yes, you are right, there is no bad weather if one is dressed well. Had joined a gym to work out, but found that walking, no matter the season - winter, spring, autumn summer was far better.

    All the best!

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