Out early today

Well, belonging to this group has really changed my mind set! Because of Wimbledon being on the telly I don't move from my couch from start time till end time - this is well known by family and friends. However, this year, instead of using this as an excuse to do absolutely nothing(I kid you not, I even live on ready meals for the 2 weeks of Wimbledon!) I've been up early and walked before the sport starts - previously unheard of! I also made a huge bowl of salad to see me through the day!! I put this down to belonging to this walking community and the support and motivation I get from reading about other people's challenges - so, thank you people!!!!!

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  • I always find the things I want to do feel so much better after I have fitted in some exercise before hand. It makes me feel more relaxed and able to enjoy it more. Well done on getting out there earlier and enjoy Wimbledon. 😀🎾🎾🎾

  • Thanks Realfoodieclub! I appreciate your support!

  • Hi Kay , Nice to receive your message. I walk every day at full speed not jogging and I enjoy it . From Paul 🤗

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