A blustery walk

A blustery walk

After church this morning we decided that we all needed to blow out some cobwebs. We piled into the car and drove to Ferring on the West Sussex coast which is our nearest beach. "We" in this case is me, my husband and our two teenagers. It was much windier than I expected, and we ended up eating our picnic in the car, which reminds me so much of my British childhood! We walked along the beach, and then inland along a river. Just at the furthest point it started to drip, and after a few minutes it was properly raining. Fortunately there is a lovely little cafe where the river gets down to the sea, which does great coffee, and we dried out in there. It wasn't a long walk, but it is the first one we have managed in a while. I am so grateful that my kids still like walking with us. In fact, my daughter and I are thinking of doing a proper walking holiday after her A-levels next year.

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  • That picture looks lovely. So nice walking along the beach and keeping fit at the same time Sounds like you have a lovely family enjoy your time spent with them. Memories to save and keep.

  • Great picture, Don't you find it works the leg muscles more when walking on cobbled beaches. I've always fancied a proper walking holiday, one that they drive your luggage to the next hotel and then you have to walk to it.

  • Yes, the driving of luggage part would be ideal, but I think we might end up walking between youth hostels or similar!

    I like a good pebble beach; not that we have a lot of choice around here. This is one of my favourite places.

  • Ah rain by the sea side, nothing like it!

  • It meant that we more or less got the place to ourselves!

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