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Let's Walk week 5 - feel free to join.

How is everyone doing? There is a stretch Quest starting this week on the Stregnth and Flex forum if anyone In interested in joining.


Here we are at week 5 already, how is it going for everyone. Please join in as we share our walking adventures and accomplishments and encourage each other to get our steps in or increase our distances or speed.

On the C25k forum I started a 6 wk quest three years ago and between The admins we keep it going to help keep everyone motivated but working towards their own personal goals.

So I would like to do a similar thing on here for walking. This is going to be 12 weeks plan in total as for some of us we need a bit more time to get back on our feet but it will be very inclusive and doesn't matter what you walking goals are, please feel free to join.

Here are a set of example as to what your goals could be.

1) I want to be able to go for little walks a couple of times a week, not bothered with speed or distance just getting out the door.

2) I want to be able to do 3x 5km walks a week

3) I'm training for a ......... km event.

4) I want go out for .... walks a week to help me destress.

There are so many different combinations and there will be non that are not good goals.

The aim in the 12 weeks plan is to build you up to a walking fitness level that suits yourself and your personal circumstances. The most important thing is to make your goals manageable and not to over extend yourself. It is always better to get to goal and go further than not reach a goal as that demoralises you.

Please add your name below if you would like to take part as we support each other to reach our goals.



























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Well I am feeling more confident with my walks now and my distance has crept up but I'm still having to sleep in the afternoon after my walks and my lunch but it still feels like a good progress is being made.

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Glad your distances are climbing RFC. I'm napping after each walk as well, I'm finding them quite fatiguing.


I know I come in have some lunch my fingers and toes go cold then I fall asleep, apparently all normal as a lot of my blood is around my stomach healing so when I eat it takes more away and the best way for the body to deal with that and heal at the same time is to rest. Clever little things aren't they!


This week has been really, really good. I've walked a lot more, and have fit in two really long walks - one at ~6km and one today at 7+km. The 6 km one went really well, the 7km one today was a tad too long. I was walking with a friend and took a wrong turn. I had a bit of a headache and quite the dizzy spell afterwards, but on the plus side it's given me the upper end of what I can walk for the next little while.

Happy walking everybody.


That's great news well done, I bet your really chuffed. I get a pull in my tum when I have overdone it and it tells me to slow down and make my way home. I'm so pleased for your progress.


Started walking on Friday and have been doing 1/2 an hour a day. Goal is to keep that up at least 3 times a week and so far on track. Managing to get a bit further each day too.


Hi there and welcome, I have added your name to our walking group. Sounds like you have a good goal there looking forward to keeping up with your progress.


Hi administrator, would I be able to have my name added to your walking group please.


Hi there, I have added your name. What sort of goals are you thinking of going for ?


I would like to join this group :0


Welcome onboard, I have added you name. What sort of things are you hoping to build up to?


Am hoping to walk at least 10.000 steps per day.or one hour.knee and physio permitting.

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Great goals, remember to build up at your own pace, it is not a race.

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Realfoodieclub I am recovering from an acute illness (December) and a subsequent operation (January). I find I am very tired as I am getting back to work on a phased return.

Hope it is not too late to join in with your challenge.

I would like to commit to a walk, of any length, at least three times per week initially and building to five times, and of course longer walks. I was able to do this before I started back at work but now I am struggling to find the time and energy - hence not fixing a length of walk.


Never to late to join, I always make them inclusive even up to the last day, nothing worse than thinking you have missed out. 😀. I don't know your circumstance but I'm recovering from surgery myself and it takes so much out of you just to heal, so be kind to yourself and take everything at your own pace. Take it each day at a time as I find the body has spurts of recovery and that takes it out of you, what you might of been able to do one day is inconceivable the next sometimes. Keep joining In The posts and let us know how you are progressing.


Thanks, really supportive - you are right about being able to do something one day but not the next.

I had acute pancreatitis before Christmas, very lucky to be here to tell the tale. This was due to an escaped gallstone that I didn't know I had. Then had gallbladder out in January. It has been a slog and now trying to get back to work.

Will certainly keep joining in.


Managed to walk yesterday but when I got home I found that the walking app on my phone hadn't recorded how far I'd walked, so frustrating!!! My pedometer says I walked 4469 steps altogether yesterday.





I just started walking this week I've been managing to do 6,500 steps most days.

I'd like to get to 10,000 every day. Can I join in.


Welcome onboard, I have added your name. Your doing well at 6,500 steps, you'll be fine at getting to your target. Keep us posted.


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