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Week One - Lets walk.

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On the C25k forum I started a 6 wk quest three years ago and between The admins we keep it going to help keep everyone motivated but working towards their own personal goals.

So I would like to do a similar thing on here for walking. This is going to be 12 weeks plan in total as for some of us we need a bit more time to get back on our feet but it will be very inclusive and doesn't matter what you walking goals are, please feel free to join.

Here are a set of example as to what your goals could be.

1) I want to be able to go for little walks a couple of times a week, not bothered with speed or distance just getting out the door.

2) I want to be able to do 3x 5km walks a week

3) I'm training for a ......... km event.

4) I want go out for .... walks a week to help me destress.

There are so many different combinations and there will be non that are not good goals.

The aim in the 12 weeks plan is to build you up to a walking fitness level that suits yourself and your personal circumstances. The most important thing is to make your goals manageable and not to over extend yourself. It is always better to get to goal and go further than not reach a goal as that demoralises you.

Please add your name below if you would like to take part as we support each other to reach our goals.














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I'm going for the first goal. I'm having trouble getting my pain meds sorted and walking daily is a bit hard but I would like to get out for 3-4 little walks a week.

It seems to be good pain relief and intense nausea or bad pain relief and being able to eat. I do know that the walking is the one thing that is going to speed up getting better so I'm plodding on through. ( Hehe literally 😀.)

I'm am slowly getting used to the vulnerable side of being out and Am feeling a little more relaxed while I am out.

I'm going for no.2

Welcome onboard. Sounds like a plan to me. Looking forward to reading about how it's going.

I've walked 4 x 5 k this week , don't know if I'll manage any more this I have house to pack up moving on 7th !!

Wow that's a great start well done. Did you know, if you do 20km a week every week you will clock up an amazing 1000km a year! Wishing you a smooth move and happiness in your new home.

Welcome onboard. I find it harder when things are a bit of a struggle as well, we will help to keep each other out there.

Count me in please. I am no.4 : going for a walk every day to help me de-stress. "Walk and keep calm" . Thank you for organising this RFC. I have a tendency to get bogged down with work and chores and days can pass by without me stepping outside my front door. Then I wonder why I feel so frazzled. A walk, short or long, works wonders for my mood.

Welcome onboard. It is so easy to put it to one side thinking you don't have time but I do find the strangest thing happens when you fit it in you end up with more time. I am never sure how that works but it just does. 😀.


I would like to join. I currently do 2km 5days a week and a good 4hour stroll at the shops at the weekend.

Would like to increase this have just bought a step counter so will maybe to steps and km.


Welcome onboard. Sounds like a plan to me and a great building block to start from.

I will join . Love walking and just. Being outside . Great idea . While I am here , I normally just wear my trainers but sometimes feel my back on long walks any good walking sboes out there that aren't massively expensive ? 👍🏻

Welcome onboard. I'm a big fan of decathlon decathlon.co.uk. Also there is sports direct their clearance sales can have some good priced stuff in. I have heard the Karrimor range is good at a great price.


Hi, is it too late to join?

I slacked down for a month. I want to get into my old walking routine. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday indoors with Leslie Sansone and Tuesday and Fridays outdoors.

Of course it not too late, welcome onboard. There is a lot of comfort to be had from old routines.

Except if you feel like you're losing! I started walking mid January. So my routine was about 6-8 weeks old!

Yesterday I walked 2 miles and today 5km. Today was bad. I was so glad when I saw my car and new the walk was over. I use a podcast and the music set my pace.

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Beek in reply to WinWeight

Which podcasts do you use, Ribaka?

Hi RFC include me please. i am going to commit to walking 5k

2 - 3 times per week.


Welcome onboard, that sound like a positive plan, keep us updated on how your getting on.

That sounds great just what I need. How do I add my name? I would like to do the 3 X 5 km walks a week, but will have to build up to that. At the moment I'm doing between 1 mile and 2 1/2 miles. But getting out walking 6 days a week


Welcome onboard. I've added your name to week one and weeks twos post.


I'm going to add your name to the week two post and there will be a new post for wk3 on Monday. Welcome onboard


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Realfoodieclub in reply to Flo52

I have added you in at the bottom of this weeks post, week 4, welcome on board.


Welcome onboard. Your name has been added.

Eh15 I want to get back to a modicum of fitness


Welcome onboard I have added your name to the current week. What sort of goals are you looking at?

I'd like to join please as need the motivation to keep going out walking. Too easy to say oh I'll go tomorrow. Thanks for the invite.


Welcome onboard, I have added your name to the current week. We will help to keep you motivated .

in reply to CHRISSIE21

It's hard to sustain an activity that needs discipline when you know it is going to cause you discomfort or pain - even though you know it will improve your health in the end! I have the same problem - always looking for an excuse to put a walk off till tomorrow!

I just want to get fitter, so I live longer to see my grandsons grow up.

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Rollow in reply to Rollow

Forgot to say, I'll walk for, hopefully, 20 mins three times a week.

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Rollow in reply to Rollow

Ok did anyone notice it rained all day where I live, well I still managed to do my 20min walk, but I did get very wet. Still another one on Friday.

Welcome onboard, I have added your name to the current week. Great goals I'm sure your grandsons will be happy with your decision

Thank you ,

Made a start. Managed 4512 steps today. That is a lot for me and about my limit.

I've been walking deliberately for about 12 months following surgery for broken R femur followed a few months later by broken left tibia, both due to osteoporosis. I have multiple pins and supports in my R thigh running down to my knee. My R femur was also plagued by infection which broke through the original sutures and skin growth and even after 2 years I have difficulty walking. Building up but it is very slow work: if I do too much my legs and back stiffen so much I have to rest the following day, or even 2 days, so aiming to reach a level I can sustain and walk each day rather than the up and down pattern I've managed so far. Here goes.

I have added your name to the current week, welcome to our little walking group. I myself am coming back from surgery and know the body has a way of slowing you down if it doesn't feel ready for what your trying to do. I have learnt to listen to it. Igornore the warning signs at my peril. It has taught me to take things a little slower to get the rewards I want. Take it slow and steady and you will add to the great progress you have already made.

Thanks that's just what I needed to hear.

In years gone by I was very fit and thought exercise was the answer to everything. Having setbacks has taught me to be much more tolerant and understanding towards people who struggle with exercise and weight and also learning to accept help and advice when it is offered.

Must have been a real bitch ; (

Awww, I am sure you weren't. 😀.

in reply to Lacewing

I so identify with you! Good luck with your programme!

I would like to join this group! kay50 is who I am. Right now I can only walk any distance if I push a trolley or use a stick. I want to build up my walking to a level where I can walk under my own steam, so I reckon no.1 is for me.

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Lacewing in reply to

Thanks your kind words. Kay50.

I started from scratch this time too but before I joined this group.

It really is best to start small and build up really gradually over months not weeks.

It is so disheartening to think your doing great on a longer walk but then need 3 days off to recover. Go gently.

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Realfoodieclub in reply to

Welcome onboard I have added your name to the current week 😀

Should like to join week1 and number 1 applies to me. Just a need to move.

Welcome onboard I have added your name to the current week

I used to really enjoy walking regularly but seem to have lost the habit. I want to get fit again so am going to walk two miles a day over the next week.

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13Valerie in reply to SLENDERSAL

I'm with you... one mile in the morning and another in the afternoon.


I want to be more active during the day and help with weight loss. A couple of miles a day would be nice. Easy pace and listening to the birds singing

Brilliant sounds good for you and relaxing at the same time, I will put up a post on Monday for our new walking group I shall add your name in.

I would like to join Week One Let's walk my aim is to go out for a 20 minute walk every day. I am fit & I have the time just need the motivation!

Sounds like a plan. I am getting a brand new walking group together on Monday I will add your name in. Be sure to look out for it.



Looking forward to the support. I feel like I'm not walking alone

After abject failure because of injured Achilles tendon, I realise that C25K re-run is no longer an option for me. Today I am planning an exercise/dieting regime because I really MUST get my bloods back under control. Feeling so unwell lately, tiredness, aching joints, poor BG control (T2 diabetic) and subsequent exhaustion.

I just need so many 'granny naps' in a day it's getting ridiculous!

What do I have to do here?

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Realfoodieclub in reply to Beek

Hi there Beek, I'm so sorry things are getting to you. We run a similar thing here to the quest on the C25K forum but it is a bit more relaxed. We set our selves individual goals to work towards and then have a chat about it either on the walking week virtual group or as a post. We are all at different levels on here but It is as supportive on here as the C25K I'm sure we will all help to get you back on your feet and working towards your aims

Here is the link for the current walking week


Also I do have a question.

Does anybody find the 'Fitbit' useful or are they just an expensive gimmick?

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Realfoodieclub in reply to Beek

I use a activity monitor but I have always been the sort of person who responds to a carrot. I like the stats and I like to beat myself and see the increases. I had a misfit shine for the last three years which was great but I have just upgraded to a garmin vivosmart he GPs. as I wanted to easily log my outdoor hikes with gps and have the heart rate side of things. So far I'm loving it, but I would start off on the lower price range and see how you get on, you can get some really good ones on Amazon starting at around £15. Nowadays, the only thing with them is the app is not as good as the brands with the bigger names.

I'm recovering from surgery, so a bit slow at the moment, but I will aim to get out for a short walk every day, & increasing the walking distance over the next 12 weeks.

Hi there, we have a new group which you are more than welcome to join. I will put the link at the bottom. It depends on the surgery but in the early days after mine I started off every other day as it seemed to wipe me out more than I was expecting so listen to your body and be kind to yourself, it is doing a big job just healing at the moment.


Thanks @Realfoodieclub I will go check out the link. Can you add my name to the list or do I have to request this after following the link. I am taking it easy (baby steps) just walking round the block once or twice a day at the moment. Twice today so total of 2.8km.

I will add you to the new list. Welcome onboard. I remember the 12 weeks some weeks feel like forever others will fly past but before you know it things will feel so much better.

Hi, please add me

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Realfoodieclub in reply to

Welcome onboard. I have added your name to the current week. Here is the link feel free to join in with the Conversations


Hi all would love to take part in this. I love walking but do not have much consistency in doing so. I belong to a walking group and yesterday we walked up Goatfell. Today we are walking an 8 mile circular in the Arran Clauchland hills. When I go home tomorrow I won't walk anymore until the next organised walk so some structure would be excellent for me. Hope your all having a lovely weekend. 😊😊

Welcome onboard, I have added your name, look out for the new post on Monday. I am Sure you will find some motivation for your inbetween walks. 😀

Fabulous and thank you can't wait 😁

Please add my name to the list above - hutches.

I have added your name to the current week. Welcome onboard. I will also put a new post up on Minday mining and your name will be in that one.

Thank you very much.

I want to do number 4... veronica

Grandies I want to do 2 x active 10's a day . Making 14 active 10's a week. I may not do them every day but will catch up or do extra on good days. I just need to get fitter.

Sounds like a great plan, take it nice and steady, good luck.

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