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Let’s walk together week 2

How are we all doing?

What the challenge is about ......

I thought it was time for a little challenge here on Active 10. A six week challenge ( don’t worry will will carry on afterwards as well)

There are quite a few of us looking to do something together with other people.

We can’t put us together in the real world but we can make a little walking group that we can all be part of on here and share our exercises.

So whatever you do please join our 6 weeks walk together challenge.

The “rules”. Are there are not really rules just guidelines

Put a post underneath staying what you want to do, any of these are fine or come up with your own.

Walk three times a week

One speed walk a week.

Try a distance walk ( whatever a distance is to you, we are all different and at different levels.)

As soon as you make that first post you will become part of the challenge/group.

Through the week post your progress on the post below but please feel free to put a whole new post up with pictures of walks, dogs you take with you, anything you find interesting On You walk and want to share. All these little things help to make us feel part of a virtual walking group and that way we are less likely to feel like we are doing this in our own,


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I’ve been out a bit this week but after a long walk last Saturday it seemed to of worn me out a bit and I’ve just felt a bit under the weather this week, so I’m hoping for a less boom and bust week this week.


I did my first walk on Saturday routes 2-3. My second walk yesterday was Route 3.

This morning I am with a group Nordic walking Route 3.


I've just got back from a 10min brisk walk. I had my family here for the weekend - including 3 grandsons - and they totally wore me out! So after blitzing my little house I could only manage a short brisk walk so far today!


Well, I managed two out of the three after dinner walks that I had wanted to do. So I give myself a B+ effort since it's the first week. Hoping to hit that 3/3 this week.


You will!


I visited my brother and his family over the weekend which meant that me and my two wee dogs were able to take a walk 'somewhere different' (which is my goal for the walking challenge - take a walk somewhere different each week) I enjoyed getting out into the countryside with the fresh air and some lovely scenery, admiring all the beautiful autumn berries and crab apples we passed, and the trees just starting to show some autumn colour.

No doubt the exercise also had the benefit of working off some of the numerous calories I must have consumed from all my brother's excellent home baking :)


So lovely to walk with family and canine friends! Sounds like you had a great time, sunny369!

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just a update still walking managed to shave 10 mins off so 30 mins instead of 40 some of its up hill twice a week .using the stairs instead of lift at work.

might have to invest in a lite weight coat soon weather on the turn.


Hi Suestevens94! Gosh, you are going great guns - 10 minutes off your time is a huge whack! Well done!


Just found your post and I'd like to join your walking group because I think I need company on my own walks to encourage me to get out. I'm aiming to get out and about everyday this week with our dogs. My husband usually takes them out but I've decided an extra walk will be great for them so I'm off for my first day this morning before the expected winds arrive. Wish me luck.


Lots of luck coming your way cal100! We can't physically walk with you, but virtually we're there every step of the way! Well done for joining the challenge!


Back from the gale force walk with on 1 dog. Hubby was meant to meet me with the spaniels but I got fed up waiting for him. I'm glad I didn't wait because by the time I got to the last gate it was blowing so hard I couldn't get it open, lol wind was too strong and although I have difficulty with climbing I had to climb over it! Very invigorating 2 mile walk. I would post pics but I don't know how.


Oh my word cal100 - sounds more like an expedition than a walk!?! So very well done! (P.S. I don't know how to post pics either!):)


Yesterday grabbed a quick morning walk in the sun and thank goodness no wind. I was very surprised because where I was walking is usually deserted but today I was pleased to see 2 minibuses and 4 cars standing empty. I soon found half of them taking photos on their way up to 9 Standards, a walking group exploring the area nice to be walking part of the way talking to new people.


Glad you enjoyed your walk - and yes, it's lovely to meet other walkers and have a little chat!


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