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Feeling Lost in a void that has no end...


I don't exactly know why I'm writing this right now but here it goes. It is very complicated when you have all the answers but don't know how to apply them to your broken pieces. Knowing exacly what to say but have no one to really understand. It is very silly to expect to be understood when you can't quite figure out who you are yourself.

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Glad ur here with all of us 😁Maybe instead of trying to tackle a bunch of stuff,focus on one thing..n maybe the rest will fall into place for u.

hi and welcome to you good advice from hippy one step at a time will stand you good.

I've felt like this, particularly when I was younger. I thought I was having a breakdown of some sort and perhaps I was/did. I believe thinking like this eventually becomes so exhausting that you just shut it down and hopefully, come out of it okay.

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