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Happy and bored and functional and meh.

So first time posting.

I have read any and every type of post on depression and mundane lives. The how-to get out of ruts and the 8 signs that you are living a mundane life. The thing is....I have none of these symptoms.

I have an amazing job, an amazing boyfriend with a fantastic sex life, emotional support from friends and family. I am super comfortable staying at home all day or putting on a pretty dress and going out with friends. I have a deep love for my animals and am excited about weekends as I get to spend time with friends and family.

I am of average weight, love food and love going to the gym. I actually crave it after a long day at the office.

So not having any symptoms....not having any signs of a mundane life...Why do I feel like its just all a waste of time and the only reason I a still here is not to break my parent's hearts...

I see no point in having children and therefore I am not worried about getting married. In fact, if I could go live in a forest with just the people I love that would be great.

I don't think I am depressed, but I do know I don't feel like I should be here.

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Well we get bored. Without new goals or aspirations, which you can't force yourself to have, without unfulfilled desires, without frustrations, life is quite simply boring. It's why people cheat, sometimes why they have kids, why they do drugs, alcohol, etc. You lost your drive to search for better because you feel you're already there. We're cursed as humans to be aware of the pointlessness of it all. Atleast if you belong to the smarter part of the global population. There is no real solution for it. It's why we love stories so much. Movies, books, Netflix, lyrics, history. Our lives are too long to spend it being entertained by our own. I'd do what I've done. Delve into philosophy. You'll not change your state of mind, but you might end up accepting it.

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I hear what you are saying, but in that too you are wrong, I challange myself a lot. I'm learning new languages and love reading...I watch movies and series a lot and am quite busy on a day to day. Philosophy does not interest me at all as I am in a mind of , we wont know the truth untill we are dead, and maybe even then not, so debating about something that you have absolutely no surety of, is a waste of time. The pure fact that so many stories have been fabricated and twisted to suit one persons needs or desires has also taken away any belief I have and I am confinced that there is truth and lies in all of it and therefore there is no point in the believe as again we wont know untill we are dead...and even then maybe not. To me we are worker ants with absolutely no purpose...the only purpose I hav eis to make sure my parents are happy and my animals. I do not want children as I refuse to bring another human into this world of cruelty and indifference to the suffereing of the planet. Therefore I see my time as limitid to the time my parents are still here.

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Well I might be wrong, but I dare say that my IQ of 136, statistically likely superior to yours, my extensive life experience and my inquisitive nature, helped me come to plausible conclusions that help me deal with this horrid world you're describing. A rock solid set of truths that I surely won't find in death. My perspective is preferable to yours from what I can tell. I'd teach you, but if your perspective can't be changed, then you can't be helped. Good luck though. Sincerely. I mean it. I wish you the best, but no longer see how you'll get there. No offense intended of course.

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Geez you are aggresive. Pity....Someone who is focuse on being "right" really should'nt try helping other people as your focus is on being better than others, not actually on understanding others feelings and how to help them. Telling someone you are "smarter" than them really just shows how much of a need you have to be seen as great. its kinda sad dude.

You are offensive and I imagine that feeds your smug attitude of superiority which is entirely erroneous .

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There is something seriously wrong with you guys that you have to break people down who dont have the same exact view of thing ON A HEALTH SITE?????......

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Relax. Breathe. I did not try to break you down. I am trying to influence/change your perspective on life, in a respectful, perhaps overly confident manner. I'm telling you exactly what you require to be helped. If your life is not the issue, your perspective on it is. You already realised that, it's why you posted. If your perspective is unyielding and unsatisfying, you should try to change it which you seem unwilling to do. I'm being very factual. You can call me sad or aggressive, but that only makes me all the more convinced you're not able to change that perspective of yours. Lastly, I am not trying to be seen as great or smarter, I don't see how that would be helpful. I am trying to add some weight and credibility to my statements though. Perhaps I went a little overboard. Apologies. I should be a little less... straightforward sometimes. I'd like to refer to my name and my condition. If I was perfect, I wouldn't be here. Non of us would be. Again, best of luck. I still mean it, yet I don't think you can ever accept a new viewpoint in the mental state you are in. Whether it is mine or someone else's.

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Now that was helpful. I do agree that my perspective might be the issue, but not that it is unchangable. You make that statement from one post. I agree I dont think this is the platform for me.

Depression is not about being bored. I'm sure you can find a better explanation than mine , but I see it as self hatred/ self blame. It can come and go or be a constant in your life. It takes away your enjoyment , sense of purpose, feelings of self worth. It can leave you with the inability to function. It is a battle for those who have it and may require medical and psychological help. Could it be you are believing your own cover ? Pam

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Hi Pam, no cover here. I actually have no self hatred or self blame. I have an amazing mother and father so no daddy issues or parent issues.... I have just opened my mind to the fact that one life doesnt matter to anyone except those in direct relation...unless you are the kind of person who goes to change the world...and what kind of chnage is there really? Dogs are still being rapped for gang initiations and Rhino's are stil being killed for their horns....This is just a really bad place to be and if I didnt have my family I would leave already, that is classified as suicidal and of course I must then be depressed...But I am not, Im just aware.

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My point is what are you playing at as this is a site for people with serious issues . If you want or need help just say so, otherwise you come across as spoiled and jaded and condescending to members here.

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Its sad that because my problems dont look exactly like yours you think you have the right to tell me its not a real problem. if that is what this site is about I came to the wrong place. It is very clearly shown in history that depression , anxiety and other ssues do not manifest the same in everyone. JUst because im not hating myself doesnt mean I am okay. I thought this site was to help people figure things out ...not judge them like you so clearly are. Sad for you,.

How on eath am I coming across as spoiled...Im simply saying that I dont have the normal symptoms but Im perfectly happy with ending my life tomorrow if I didnt have my family. How the heck does that come across as spoiled.?

Hello dear, it seems like you do have a good life and living it. Its great that you have exciting life and wonderful supporting family. Wanting more in life is a normal feeling. The feeling that, there should be more to life than this. Human nature is such that there is this inner desire that we need to satisfy. It varies from person to person. Probably you need more excitement or new challenge in your life to keep you going. There is this soul connection too that our inner man seeks to align with sometimes. Have you also explored faith activities?

Your life has a purpose on this earth and in some years to come you will understand. I don’t think you are here to break your parents’ heart. You have so much love in you to share it with your parent and the people around you. You have got what it takes to love them and make them feel love you back. I came across this information and it was inspiring to me. You can check it out when you have the time. bit.ly/32078ku. You can always get in touch.

I feel the same way. Everything I do is absolutely boring and feels meaningless. I don't know what to do anymore.

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