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How is everyone feeling


Hi everyone Nat here your admin?

How is everyone feeling at the minute

Is there anything you want to talk about specific?

You can always dm me too always happy to help

Nat xx

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Hi Nat how are you? Better I hope. I am struggling with my physical health issues at the moment - mild copd, under active thyroid, chronic back pain, as well as my depression. I am feeling more and more isolated as I often can't go out with friends much as I can't manage the walking :(

I did tell 2 of them this weekend after our Sunday lunch this is the reason why I haven't been in touch and they were fine with it. Anything sitting down or in the car are ok though and they understood. Not good though.

I am also struggling massively with my housework and my place is getting worse by the day. I am trying to tackle this but not doing very well.

Sorry but you did ask :) Bev xx

Dont apologise bev so sorry you are feeling this way depression is a struggle alone and with your other illnesses it must be exhausting aswell as painful

So glad you have understandable friends its horrible when you feel isolated .

Take care hope you feel better soon

Nat xx

It is exhausting Nat! To make it worse another friend has dropped me coz I kept being a few minutes late at meeting her because I find it hard to get motivated and am slower than I realise. This is a friend who although is only 3 years younger is very fit and active and doesn't seem to understand illness. She is also in her final stages of training to be a counsellor too.... I pity her poor patients. x

Hello bev fancy seeing you here too 🌤

Alan fancy seeing you here too ha ha 😘😜❤ x

Well you dont need friends like that in fact she dont earn the title babe a true friend will always be there no matter what and will be your strength when you need it...makes me so mad when certain hypocrites pretend to be your friend when really they are out for themselves your better off without people like them Bev besides you deserve so much enjoy your afternoon

Love nat xx

Hi Nat ,I’m struggling this week mentally to be honest,

Awww so sorry Alan these days are the actual worse do you have any support are you on meds


Thanks for replying Nat,I find coming on these sites helps,yes been on sertraline,citalapram in the past I’m now on pregabalin ,it does help with pain management,I’m prescribed prozac but don’t take them as I’m unable to sleep with them so make me worse,I was recommended this site good to see you busy here trying to get a community going,I think it’s so important to speak to other sufferers too ...thanks 😊

This is a good site Alan and me and Nat go back quite a long way! :) She is a diamond. x

That’s good thank you have a pleasant day 🌤 x

Thanks you too. I am going for lunch at 12.30 then on to Euchre. Must start getting ready soon. You have as good a day as possible my friend. Hugs Bev xx

Yes bev we sure do sweetie 2 good eggs are always true friends

Nat xx

Thanks so much Alan I do try always here if you want a chat


Thank you Nat I’ll hold you to that, hope you are well 🌤

I'm here chick if there's anything you need to talk about please do you can private message me if you want aswell


Hey does anxiety mess with your everyday breathing ?

Hi @lilprince800 my apologies for the late reply yes anxiety plays havoc with our everyday breathing it seems to go faster or you need to take deep breaths to soothe the anxiety or it can just mess with your breathing all day every day but if you feel you can’t breathe then just get yourself looked at by a dr


I just left the hospital again today they don’t see nothing wrong seem like my whole body is tight can’t get a deep breath fatigue very low but can’t find nothing wrong keep telling me it’s acid reflux

It’s anxiety then your whole body is tight because your tensing up with anxiety I suffer the most with tension through anxiety then my whole body aches it’s mad what we go through during a attack


Yeah been going on for 2 days straight with alot of chest pain

Had a real bad aniexty attack in November and it’s been hunting me every since

It’s best your getting it checked though just to rule out anything medical

Yeah I had blood work cat scans special lung tests EKG picture of my heart multiple times and they say everything normal but my body don’t feel normal

I got severe health anxiety from my depression and anxiety symptoms it sounds like you could have it slightly as soon as I worry about health I get it checked then I get reassured then next thing I’m focusing on something else health related and it would start all over again so maybe you could have a touch of it do you think it’s possible? I’m obviously not a medical doctor but I’m speaking from being a health anxiety sufferer myself


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