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Sadness feeling left out in the cold


I have zero family support and my friends have no idea what I’m going through. They are really associates and they have problems of their own and I don’t want to bring them down. I’m a product of child abuse all forms of abuse. I have drank a lot lately and it wasn’t helping me. It was only hurting me. I can’t afford therapy and it is very hard for me to sleep at night. I have four jobs and I am going to nursing school. I’m raising two teenagers on my own. I meditate, work out, journal, draw, listen to music, read everything I can think of to love myself emotionally. I can’t sleep at night. I don’t know what else to do so I thought I would try these online support groups. If anyone has ANY suggestions on how I can love myself emotionally other than what I’m already doing or knows someone I can talk to for free about it that can help. Please reply.

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Hi 1LoveBucket

Thanks for sharing your post.

So sorry your going through this and mainly alone too which is hard enough on its own...sounds as though you don't know where you are at the minute or at least where you have gone we all lose our self sometimes and we just have to find us again and self love is key we need to love ourselves and care enough to start helping yourself it's hard I know do you not have a partner you can talk to

Nat x

No sweet Nat... that’s the issue I don’t know how to love myself emotionally. The man I’m in love with isn’t speaking to me at the moment and I am not reaching out to him. It’s been 3 months since we last talked and even then it was only for 20 min or so. I have no one. Hence why I decided to come online for support❤️

You sound like me just suffer all alone it's hard to go through and live each day the way we do I too have no family support I walked away from my family years ago when my mum sadly passed away..I have a hubby of 18 years but he don't understand what I go through he tries bless him but I'd rather suffer than bring him down too.

You can private message me when you want too I don't mind

Nat x


I have no idea how you can start loving yourself, I am going through ruff times also and really know how you feel. When you don't want to talk to anyone of fear to bring someone down. But being alone is hard too. I don't know what to say or how to help except that I give you my blessings and love and wish you luck and success...

Love, Gwynneth

1LoveBucket in reply to Hidden

I PM'd you I hope that's okay :)

I am so sorry you are going thru so much, and without support. Wow, you sound like a strong and motivated person for sure! You are outdoing many who haven't been thru so much and do have support so kudos to you for sure!! You are right that the drinking doesn't help. I'm real glad you see that now. It is a depressant and brings on even more problems. I have seen it in my extended family, to the worst extent. So sad! So proud of you getting away from that! Wow, you are an overcomer! Hey, something that will help you so much with sleep and anxiety is magnesium. Magnesium malate is the best form, but all of them work some. It will calm your mind body and spirit and help you sleep and also get rid of anxiety. =) Also, Ginseng is great to get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop around. They both have helped many and are recommended highly. Also, if you can't afford therapy, many churches offer it free. Also, get out, lay on grass, it does wonders! Hugs! You are an inspiration!

Thankyou you for your uplifting words. I PM'd I hope that's okay.

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