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Irregular periods

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Hi.. I've been on my periods for almost 4 weeks now, I was put on contraceptives for a month but after stopping my periods won't stop, I also suffer from anemia how can I stop my periods I've been trying to go back to the white pill but still it won't stop 😭please assist #periods #anemia

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This must be stressful and exhausting, you should make an appointment with your GP..

It’s important to see your doctor if you experience a long or heavy period so they can identify the underlying cause or rule out more serious possible causes.

Menorrhagia can cause discomfort during your period as well as disrupt your regular routine. You may find that the bleeding affects your activities or your sleep. You may also experience iron deficiency anemia if you regularly experience long menstrual periods, especially if they’re heavy.

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Hi, I too feel its important to see a doctor immediately.

My periods are also irregular because of the stress. It is very easy to get angry and I care about everything. My mother told me that girls used to lose their periods for a few months because they were so stressed out with their Matura exam

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