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Irregular period??

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Hi all, I’ve just turnt 16 and I was due on my period 4 days ago (NOT A CHANCE OF BEING PREGNANT I’m a virgin.) but no sign of it, I’ve had a stressful few months and I suffer from anxiety so wondering if it could possibly be that? I’ve been having periods that aren’t exactly regular since about September: started period 6th September.

started period 30th September.

Started period around 1st November (can’t remember exact date).

And I’m awaiting a period now

Does this sound irregular? Xx

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That does sound irregular to me, I would check with your doctor :)

Hi I read on NHS website that it sometimes takes people a year or two from starting their period to develop a regular cycle. However if you are concerned there is nothing wrong with keeping a period diary and going to the doctor to get checked out.

Thank you! Yeah I’m going to wait another 7/8 days and if I have not started by then I will go to the doctors

Stress can defiantly delay periods. I would say if it doesn’t show in about a week consult your doctor x

stress can sometimes delay your periods ☹️it’s horrible x

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