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Heavy/painful periods

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Does anyone else have periods that only last 24-48 hours?

I am relieved that it’s over but... it is the worst 24-48 hours in terms of pain and blood loss. Soaking pads within half an hour... Mooncup overfilled within the hour. No sleep... can’t relax... can’t get comfortable... can’t go out...

I’ve been prescribed meds to help with the pain/blood loss but they give me the most horrendous stomach pains 😩 so I haven’t taken them for months. I had a stomach ulcer previously so my stomach is very sensitive now. Paracetamol doesn’t even touch the pain. But water bottles do help to some extent.

I am just intrigued to see if any others suffer from this and how you cope and get by. Any tips you have that help would be interesting as I am open to try new ideas to help get through the next dreaded period.

It’s pretty much a whole weeks worth of blood and pain coming out in 1 day.

I am not interested in going on the pill as we are TTC but my partner has a very low sperm count. We are not willing to give up though. 🤞🏼

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Have you talked with your doctor? When was your last appointment? We’re you tested for PCOS? I hope you feel better soon!😀👍

I was told back in 2012 I had PCOS but apparently now I don’t. 🤷🏻‍♀️ however... that ovary no longer exists.

I went to the doctors numerous times and was eventually prescribed meds as mentioned above and was also referred to Gynae for investigations as suspected endometriosis and issues with TTC. I had a laparoscopy and had severe scarring removed and they discovered I had a twisted Fallopian tube which cut off the blood supply to my ovary so I had surgery in January this year to get that all removed.

I thought my periods may have improved from that but if anything they are worse.

I mentioned it at my last appointment and she didn’t seem too bothered. She’s more focussed in the fertility side of things now which I am grateful for but I don’t know how much longer I can deal with periods like this every month. 😩

Have you thought about getting a new doctor?

Hi I have pcos and I have experienced this. I had it last year and I had painful cramps for about a week before it happened. Then came on for 3 days extremely heavy like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Very similar to what you had. And then by the 4th day it was like nothing had ever happened, very strange. I’ve not had it since and I also mentioned it to the doctor but they didn’t seem all too fussed about it.

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It’s crazy isn’t it. I’ve been on edge thinking it’s going to surprise me with a second round but so far so good. My cycle is regular but not to an exact number. They used to be every 28 days but they vary now. Could be 26... could be 31. Which is frustrating because it could literally come and surprise me at any moment. I always carry pads with me even if I’m nowhere near my due on date. Can never be too sure.

My gynae was keen to get to the bottom of it but I’ve had 2 lots of surgery now 1) to remove scarring 2) remove left tube and ovary and still no improvement. I am seeing her at the end of the month to discuss results from fertility clinic. I get worried if I mention heavy periods again she’s not going to be that fussed as she’s more focussed on the fertility side of things now.

I was told I had PCOS back in 2012 but that was on my left ovary which is no longer there and I have a healthy right ovary. Well I did in January. Maybe things have changed since then. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Just feel fed up and dreading next month already. 😭

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🥴 It must be tiring and very stressful. Obviously this could be due to any number of causes, maybe consider asking your GP refer you for investigations 🤔 I found the following info that may be helpful.

Women who do experience abnormally heavy menstrual bleeding may have a condition called menorrhagia. This condition causes flows so heavy you need to change your tampon or pad every hour. ... This condition can cause anemia and severe cramps.

And, if you type ‘heavy periods’ in the search box ( top right), there are links to previous posts 🙂

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It absolutely is tiring and stressful.

I’ll give that a search and see other posts, didn’t think of that 🙈

Thank you.

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