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Foods diet during Pregnancy Time?

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Please suggest food diets follow during pregnancy time. Also mention what food items are avoided during pregnancy time??

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Honestly a healthy varied diet with plenty of veg is the best thing. If you're worried about what you are eating or if you follow a specialised diet such as the fodmap or similar then speak to your midwife, gp or dietician for advice.

I would speak to your midwife, as there are certain foods you need to avoid (soft boiled eggs, blue cheese, raw fish, limiting fish, coffee, liver etc).

In terms of the rest of your diet, it's all about ensuring you get enough essential nutrients and that you eat enough. Cravings can be a good indicator of any deficiencies you need to address through your diet (e.g. if you crave ice, I think it can mean you need magnesium)

Thanks for mentioned the avoided foods from daily diet

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🙂 See

Thank you admin for your comment. Really your suggested link is useful to me.

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