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Can I continuously take the combined pill?

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Hello, I have been on the combined pill (microgynon) for almost 3 years now and i have been seeing a lot of posts on social media that its okay to continuously take the pill every day which can stop the “period” rather than have a 7 day break? Is this safe? Will it protect me from pregnancy?

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You can, yes. Basically the reason for the week off is that the scientists who designed the pill, felt that they should design one in for 1) they thought takers would want one to mentally reassure us we're not pregnant and 2) they thought a period was a necessary means to rid the body of toxins (no scientific basis for that, just period misconceptions).

I would discuss it with your doctor though - make sure they're happy with you doing it.

This article might help:

I took microgynon for 12 weeks then a week break as advised by my GP from 2008 to recently. I've stopped now as I'm 50 so can no longer take it. Agree with Cooper27 comments.

Don't do that, the pill already messes with your hormones, don't deny your body the break from the pill. Your womb still needs to reset itself, and your body still needs some routine. A one off skip of the 7 day break is OK if you have holiday coming etc. But avoid a continuous dose of the pill.

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