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Prolaspe surgery questions

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Please can l hear from ladies who have had surgery for prolaspe and the outcome?

I think l have decent of uterus bowel and maybe bladder or vaginal walls.

Symptoms are dragging lump feelings and great difficulty with bowel movements l take cosmocol sachets daily and vagifem twice a week.

Wondering if surgery is the answer or could l get worse

Please can l hear from ladies of their surgery experiences l dont want mesh surgery.

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Forgot to say l wear a ring pessary 64mm with support makes me feel somewhat better but not 100%

Hi,I had a successful vaginal hysterectomy three years ago for the same reason. No mesh.

Only trouble is… the Cistocele has returned! I’m monitoring same and may have to get a pessary at some time. I did the pelvic floor exercises to no avail. Hope you get fixed. Good luck.

Thankyou Ellie for answering sorry to hear you still have some problems. Do you know what they used instead of mesh? or what they actually did in your op? I'm trying to get information on what they do and what material they use instead?All the best to you

I don’t know what was used. Had it done privately but made a request no mesh! I was told there wouldn’t be. V hysterectomy and front and back of vault corrected but now have a cystocele and a slight rectocele. Pain. Coming back as a man next time!!!!🤣

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