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Vaginal Thrush

Hi Ladies. All ladies out there whom are suffering from vaginal thrush before or after their periods. I thought that you would like to know that a lot of ladies suffering from it. There isn't can do about it.

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Actually I thought I was getting thrush after my periods and it turns out I was actually getting an allergic reaction to the pads or tampisn that I was using which then led to a yeast infection since my vaginal PH would screw up from swelling.

I actually didn't find out I had an allergy until I started taking progesterone and wore pads everyday, at one point I saw a doctor and they persceribed me numbing cream b/c my vestibule was inflamed. The numbing cream made me pass a lot of discharge so I put on a liner within 10 minutes everything was itchy.

I passed a burst ovarian cyst and decided to wear a pad and sure enough everything started burning, it didn't go away till I took a sitz bath in collodial oatmeal.

But I ran into a problem I was still spotting and sometimes bleeding so I did some research and had 2 options: cloth pads or organic pads, another problem is at this point I figured I was allergic to the adhesive.

So I got a flannel blanket at IKEA and some scrap fabric from my Nonna and made cloth pads.

I've been wearing them for a month and have had no yeast infections, itchyness or even having smelly discharge which would happen with the allergies.

And they're not gross to clean, you just put them in cold water and baking soda squeeze then till the water is clear then throw them in the wash or wash them by hand with dr Brommers Castillo soap (it's non drying).

They also don't smell or anything.

I you have any questions about cloth pads feel free to ask.

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Hi Hannah.

Many thanks for your reply.

I have been to seen my GP about it and he said that, there isn't nothing can about it just get a Thrush pill every month. Also he said it is cause by I am wheelchair bound with cerebral palsy.

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Doctors aren't always right, plastic pads don't breathe properly and it could be causing them too.

Also when I went to my doctor about reacurent ones I was told to go commando when I spot at night and wear dresses, which may be hard since your in a wheelchair bound.

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Also I have been to 3 pharmacys and they all says the same a lots of ladies do suffering from Vaginal Thrush before or after their periods. I wear nothing in bed. I have tried all different pads.

I think that I would have to live with it for rest of my life.

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Have you tried cloth pads?

Also hormonal imbalances can cause thrush after each periods so you should be asking about that.

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Hi Hannah, I have tried the new ALWAYS Sensitive Normal sanitary towels with wings, they wasn't good too.

Where do you buy Cloth Pads from?

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Always sensitive is a synthetic fibre, I've also heard that always is one of the worst ones for allergies, mine was personally Kotex.

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I reported to my gp and gyaecologist that I was having increased discharge for a while now and they just said it was related to my age (48 at the time, which is now about a year and a half ago). Consequently I've been wearing panty liners pretty much all the time in addition to pads during my period. Now I am getting sporadic itchiness and wonder if I'm allergic to the pads or at the very least, need more air circulating.

Thanks Hannah for your explanation of how you clean the cloth pads you have made – I wouldn't know wear to start. I might follow your lead and give it a try.

Juts wondering, how do you keep it secure in your knickers? Perhaps it's less of a problem than I am imagining?


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Hi Cora, Yes it is panty liners you shouldn't be wear any sort of pads, only when you are on your period. Can I please ask you where do you get cloth pads from?

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Just Google cloth pads and there's various links on google for buying them, some people go on etsy but make sure you see 'flannal' in the listing for cores.

I make my own out of cotton, cotton flannel and polar fleece than snap buttons. Some people keep them in place with safety pins if they kind find snap buttons.

One pad brand Precious Star Pads (who also sell pads) reccomends "Tree huger pads".

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Just Google cloth pads and there's various links on google for buying them, some people go on etsy but make sure you see 'flannal' in the listing for cores.

I make my own out of cotton, cotton flannel and polar fleece than use snap buttons over the wings so they snap together. You can also use safety pins to keep them in place.

For blood stains (it's rare it happens) use Nelies stain stick after soaking. There's numerous videos on cleaning and making cloth pads too if you get confused.

If your making them here are the flow levels for cores: 2 flannel-light, 4- medium, 6- heavy, 8- post partum (although for post partum you might want to use microfibre instead).

Thank you Hanna.

I am just wondering if it's my painkillers cause it. I am talking. I am on 500mg Paracetamol and 400g Ibuprofen in the morning and take a 2mg Diazepam every other night.

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