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Pros and cons of voluntary hysterectomy?

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I have been going through early menopause since 2017, over this time I have tried a variety of HRT without much success at dealing with the symptoms. I have just begun another variation and am going to give it a chance for a few months to assess properly but wanted to gain some info about alternatives in the meantime.

I am 39 and have never had or wanted children. I wondered if anyone else had elected to have a hysterectomy after exhausting options of HRT to try and improve quality of life?

Thanks in advance and I am only looking at advice around the hysterectomy question, I have tried all the complementary therapy options so not looking for any recommendations for other treatments. 💙💛

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🙂 You can read previous discussions re Hysterectomy here on Healthunlocked, type Hysterectomy in the searchbox (above right) to see links. And, you can google ‘pros and cons of elective Hysterectomy’ to see several links 🙂

Thank you 🙏🏽

Hi,Sorry it os not very clear to me, how is hysterectomy helping with menopause? Or do you have bleedings? One of my worries with hysterectomy (which was recommended for my bleedings) is that i will go into menopause sooner and have to take hormones because of that.. and hormones make me feel very bad. Im 41.

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Which hormones make you feel bad? I am already taking hormones as mentioned in the OP. The progesterone makes me feel bad but that’s mandatory in the U.K. if you have a womb. The oestrogen doesn’t make me feel bad but doesn’t relieve any of the problems I encounter.

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Combination pill was the worst, i had heart problems. Cardiologist said i was not the first one. Now I'm on progesteron and i have mind fog, irritability, anxiety and several digestion problems. So I'm just taking it while i wait for a second opinion (hopefully getting Sonata treatment) otherwise i hope for at least laparoscopic hysterectomy keeping ovaries instead of csection as the previous doctor wanted. So which problem will hysterectomy solve for you?

I spoke to my doctor about hysterectomy and taking ovaries due to family history of ovarian cancer. My GYN recommended against it because of a variety of other health risks that come with early/forced menopause, including heart disease, osteoporosis, etc. You’ll want to listen to your own medical team of course. Take care.

Thank you that’s interesting. I will try and find some scientific data on the difference in risk of those conditions beyond what I’m at risk of anyway from having begun menopause at 36.

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Difficult decision. I also read that even keeping the ovaries they tend to last longer.. so we might just win a few years keeping them.

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