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6 week period and scan - fibroids/polyp/endo/pcos?


Erratic, scarce periods over the last few years - put it down to hormones, stress and being overweight.

After a few periods lasting 2 weeks and with months in between, my last period lasted 6 weeks. Fresh, red blood every day with some clotting.

I only have the odd grumble of pain in the pelvis, but no bloating, cramps etc.

Had ultrasound and Sonographer started reading things out (quadrants/areas of the womb/sizes of fibroids??) to the nurse and after about 30 seconds she hit the spot where I think the problem is and she then asked to do an internal ultrasound. This has worried me that she's seen something .

No comments other than your results will be ready in 3-5 working days.

Family history of gynae problems on my Mum's side and my Mum had a full hysterectomy at 58 to remove polyps, fibroids and endometrial cancer.

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Try to remember you won’t necessarily have exactly the same diagnosis as your mother.

Thank you for your reply. I'm not too worried about cancer but I don't seem to fit the symptoms of any of the other possibilities.

The change in scans and lack of communication has thrown me I think and it's a long wait over the weekend. Having sleepless nights too.

wobblybeeAdministrator in reply to CraftyCrochetCat

Waiting for results is never easy.. It would be so much more helpful.. if when an investigative procedure was carried out, some brief explanation was given.

Hi I was just the same. I bled heavily for six weeks. I went for a ultrasound and the nurse did both - on top and internally. My polyp was in the neck of my womb. I also had a cyst on my right ovary. I think that’s the way the scan goes. It’s horrible when your worried. Best wishes.

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