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Week before period...

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Hi guys (I'm new)

I'm at a bit of a lost cause and was wondering if anyone could help/relate 

I'm 27,

And suffer from really heavy periods (as does my mum and sisters)

But I always find the week before I'm she on I get really awful symptoms such has lightheadedness, sharp stabbing headaches quite a foggy head, shortness of breath and just have the shortest temper. Does anyone else get this bad before they are due on or even know if you hormones can make you feel this bad? I'm always so worried there is something seriously wrong with me.

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Hello! I get the exact same thing as you. I also get really bad backache and always have to resort to a hot water bottle constantly on my back and stomach. I used to take Tranexamic (I think it was called) and it was amazing.

How do you feel in general? (outside of the week you describe) how are your periods? (Other than heavy) where are your headaches? How long have you been suffering? I have Endometriosis and can relate I'm wondering if there's any other similarities. Do you have kids? Xx

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JLou in reply to xnanookx

In general I don't feel great to be honest, I feel quite lightheaded most days and headachey, I've recent under went an MRI scan of my brain and had an ECG of my heart but both came back normal.

Periods are really painful for the first few days, the pain keeps me up at night, bad clots and just really draining!

I don't have any kids no xx

Periods are like the focal point when you take to a professional in reality that's a very small part the entire cycle for me is exhausting, I feel bad in general. My limbs ache, my bowel movements are erratic and usually one extreme or the other. In one of my past posts I talked about vertigo, one of the many symptoms I've developed, the description in that post may go a long way to explaining the lightheadedness I read it and thought omg the second one is just like me...I get severe lower back pain, my sciatic nerve is compressed on and off my knees can barely hold my weight at times. Have a look online at classic endo symptoms I met at criteria at some point but not so much now due to my disease being outside of the classic uterine area. Do you bloat? I've posted pics of my tummy in past posts. I only began to suffer classic endo pain after a miscarriage last year although as the time passed things got gradually worse until the point I fell pregnant I didn't really worry about it I just thought these periods where normal coz it was all I'd ever known xx

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JLou in reply to xnanookx

I get really bad sciatica, my thighs get dull aches for days on end and I get really shakey hands. And I get really bad head pressure like I've got a band around my forehead.

Whenever I talk to a doctor they never really say much about hormones? I don't really remember a day where I didn't feel some sort of pain. I also wake up a lot in the middle of the night very hot with a racing heart xx

What I would do is talk to your gp, ask for a referral to the hospital, tell them you want to investigate your periods as there's lots of things happening in your body and you feel like they are linked. You need an ultrasound scan or a vaginal scan (internal) these show so much more than they tummy scan. IF they see anything that warrants further investigation they'll transfer you to a general gynae a laparoscopy may be ordered its not that bad recovery is really quick and its only a couple of hours in hospital. If you do get confirmation at your first scan and they say Endometriosis in any format 'suspected' is more than enough to warrant you going back to the gp and asking for a referral to an endo specialist.

I can't stress how important it it that you follow up and do what needs to be done before u get to my situation, 31 desperate to have kids and only just starting a very long road and a very real possibility I may never have my own child. Your young time is on your side, I know its scary I ignored my instinct for so long and now I can't get that time back and my reality is actually a nightmare I'm gonna be the 31 yr old girl with a colostomy bag xx

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JLou in reply to xnanookx

I'm sorry to hear that! :( 

I will give my GP a call in the morning and set up an appointment. Thankyou for sharing your story with me, I really appreciate it xx

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xnanookx in reply to JLou

I take codeine and paracetamol for pain, they don't make it go away but it definitely dulls it so I can manage. The waking during the night could be anxiety along with the hot sweats and racing heart. Ur Dr may suggest a mild anti depressant such a certalipram 10mg or so I can't tell u how much they helped me I'm now on amitrypiline for depression anxiety and its got an active ingredient that numbs nerve pain I take omeprazole for stomach and ranitidine (active ingredient in some indigestion tablets, widely available) for gerd which causes pain in the centre of my abdomen and back xx

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JLou in reply to xnanookx

Do you feel totally "normal" now you're on anti depressants? I'm not sure on how I feel about relying on a pill? But if it made me feel like me again... Without causing any other side effects I might want to take them x

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xnanookx in reply to JLou

Hun, I don't feel any different for them, I don't get angry as quickly and I don't cry quite so much. I cry at times I'm supposed to feel upset and not just coz peter made me toast and the butter isn't all the way to the corners (long story lol) they aren't even really as addictive as some would have u believe probably no more addictive as paracetamol the dosages are closely monitored u have complete control over them with the approval of ur gp its a constant convo between the two of u they'll ask u to go in each month to get a prescription and they just ask how are the side effects how u feeling etc it's painless and it really does make all the difference, just having that 5 min convo once a month is a life saver if u have had a bad month the release is welcomed and u feel lighter for having said exactly how u feel xx

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JLou in reply to xnanookx

I guess going to my GP and having a chat with him can't hurt, see what he recommends :) x

My main issue with periods was excruciating breast pain and mood swings.  I cannot recommended enough the taking of Vit B complex and evening primrose oil.  My symptoms have almost disappeared.

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JLou in reply to Mummytotwo

Thanks I'll give them a go :)

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Mummytotwo in reply to JLou

1000mg at least and it may take a few months for you to see the difference. :)

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Hi All😊  After all that helpful advice, it seems to be well covered😊

But, if anybody's interested in further information?  Log onto

womenshealth.gov and search PMS

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