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Extreme fatigue


Hi I am at my wits end 🤕 here is my blood results ..also got another page but can’t work out how to upload another picture On it am low on ferritin and alk phos plus what’s on this photo . I have been feeling low with extreme fatigue where I sleep 12 hours a night n dont feel recharged fall asleep by lunchtime ( if I get the chance work part time n 2 young kids ) Body aches and pains never feel relaxed puffy pale skin feel the cold have put on weight always feel depleted and sore throat And head My thyroid is all in correct levels so wondering what’s going on . Doctor said everything is normal but I can give you iron tablets .

Phoning back to speak to another doctor to get them to explain my results .

Any advice please 🙏🏽

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It’s really mind numbing when a GP says ‘everything is normal’ or ‘I’ve tested for everything’ and you just aren’t getting any better.

Speculating here won’t be helpful... When you speak to the other doctor be frank about how you feel, but try to stay unemotional, hopefully they’ll be empathetic and make suggestions 🙂

Beautypink in reply to wobblybee

Thank you . Was so angry yesterday burst into tears once my husband got home . They just don’t care they only care if your about to keel over ! Not helpful in anyway.. I will be asking lots questions on Monday level headed ..it’s hard to stay that way when your feeling like your losing it .

The ones that are in bold look low to me, it could be iron. Pull your lower eye lid down & look, if it's pale not alot of red you are probably anemic. It will make you tired & pale. Research your symptoms so you have knowledge. Some doctors don't say anything if you're borderline low which can affect people. You could also see a hematologist..think they look at your blood. The eye thing is so easy & if you are anemic there's a good whole food iron supp on Amazon called Blood Builder by Mega Food, it doesn't make you constipated. It has beets & other foods & it works well. Good Luck & go look in the mirror ☺ Also possibly getting some sort of infection/virus? Ask to get checked for covid or any infections.

Completely agree, my iron is always borderline low (11) and it makes me feel terrible, however the drs surgery will always say it’s ‘acceptable’ and so I won’t get treatment unless I beg for it.

I hate it when you have a test result & have to beg for help, it happened to me today so I'm thinking of changing doctors. We don't need to put up with that! The good thing about iron is that if you know you're low you can buy it otc. It's dangerous to take alot or have iron overload but if you know for sure it's accessible. The one I mentioned up there is very good. Just because a person is boderline low doesn't mean that it doesn't bother them, I'm like that. I need MY levels to be optimal for my body, not a chart.

Has your lymphocytes always been on the low side? Also labs are only ONE tool to the mystery of the patient’s concerns. Yes definitely a good idea to get second opinion

Beautypink in reply to houston8

Yes always low but never been this low


Beautypink in reply to houston8

Exactly there are only one tool .. you’d think but despite my symptoms too the doctors only gave me iron

I’ll just have to keep going back and back

houston8 in reply to Beautypink

when did u have sepsis? What exactly happened?

Beautypink in reply to houston8

I’ve never had sepis ?

ALSO !!!!! Google mary shomon regarding which thyroid tests may be needed just incase what labs u had( most likely just a screening lab for thyroid)was not the right ones to capture your problem if it includes thyroid.

Beautypink in reply to houston8

The doctors will not do any more bloods

see can u get a copy of ALL your bloodwork?

my wbc stays low but all the parts like neutrophils, eosinophils etc are all in proportion & they don’t know why. I feel ok though. i See can ur lymphocytes r low and ur neutrophils( the main infection fighting cells )are borderline which means u can get an infection easily.

houston8 in reply to houston8

sorry i must’ve mistaken u for other poster but indeed my replies stand. So had u been sick ornothing specific?

How long u’ve been feeling this way? mab a hematologist is better than regular dr?

Beautypink in reply to houston8

I’d think I’d have to be referred here in Scotland but I’d have to keep going back and back


My iron is always low, even after menopause. I take iron supplements daily, with my biggest meal. It makes a big difference in my energy levels. Also eating food high in iron helps.

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