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Delayed period after Copper Coil (IUD) removal?

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I had the copper coil removed 2 weeks ago and my period was due the following week but it still has not arrived. I'm usually regular as clock work.

Has anyone noticed any chances to their cycles after coil removal?

We want to start trying for a family but I'm worried it may take ages for it to come back!

I look a pregnancy test just incase and it came back negative but I'm now over a week late and showing no signs of coming anytime soon. Is it possible to skip a period completely?!

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hi, I had copper iud taken out which I had in place for around 7 years on 14th December 2020

I then had a period on the 16th december and have regular periods every 31 days, my period was due on the 16th January 2021 and have had no period like cramps just unusual lower back pain and heavier breasts had intercourse most days over the whole month but have done a clear blue test this morning with first wee and was negative, I am now 5 days late so day 36 of my cycle.

How did your cycles continue after the coil removal, I had a period 2/3 days after mine was removed so had thought my periods had gone back to normal.

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I had irregular bleeding for a while after mine was removed until it got back into a regular cycle. I definitely didn't go back to the same cycle length as it was when I was using the coil.

I would just keep an eye out but also keep testing every few days as your day 36 may be inaccurate in terms of your new cycle as you don't really know when you ovulated so your period may be later than expected or you may show pregnancy later than expected.

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Thanks for your reply, I really hope so did you end up conceiving, hard to know now with irregular cycles what it will be concerning ovulation yes my periods were regular every month with the coil in place are yours now more regular a year later?

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Yes, they went back to normal after a couple of months and I'm about to start maternity leave next week! You could buy some ovulation sticks if you are trying to conceive before they go back to being regular?

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thanks and congratulations

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