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I want to know about the mirrena coil


Hiya, i have been told by my GP to take out the contraceptive implant and put in a mirrena coil for the heavy bleeding i am suffer i would like more information on the coil please

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Hi, I had a mirena coil inserted in November due to heavy periods and pain. I haven’t had the best time with it so far but that’s just my experience, I have a friend who has been fine though so I think it’s a bit of a guessing game and wait and see approach.

I found having it inserted a bit horrid, I was told to take painkillers beforehand, but that didn’t stop the intense cramping that came on when they inserted it. I then had bad cramps for 3 days but they calmed down after that. I’ve also had spotting/brown blood everyday since (and some real periods) and it’s only in the last day that I’ve not had anything - so fingers crossed. The GP said it can take 3 months to calm down.

I’ve also ended up with another issue (a urethral diverticulum) that might have been caused by the GP on insertion and have seen a couple of Doctors since who all have said they’d avoid giving the coil to ladies who haven’t had children (I haven’t). So my advice is if you haven’t had kids, avoid. Be prepared for bad cramps and having to put up with some side effects for up to 6 months before it settles. But there is a chance you have it done and it fixes your issues. If I could go back I would not have it fitted. Good luck!

I’ve had the Mirena for 19yrs - although obvs not the same one! 🤣 Wouldn’t swap to anything else!! 👍

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Hiya, did you have any side effects and did it control your bleeding, as i have been told to have the coil by my gp to control my heavy bleeding,

Hi - other than a few slight twinges which lasted for about 24hrs after I’d had it fitted - I’ve had no problems at all. I don’t have a monthly bleed either.

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Okay i think i will give it a try

Hi, I’ve had the Mirena coil put in in June 2016... I had years of crazy periods that got so heavy I was taking lots of time off work and became so anemic... I didn’t read anything positive about the Mirena coil online and I avoided having it put it in until the bleeding got so bad and I thought I didn’t have anything to loose... it’s the best decision I’ve taken. It’s given me my life back, I don’t have to worry about periods anymore! I’ve got loads of energy, joined the gym and am so active now... 😊 I’d definitely recommend it... I hope it works for you.🤞

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