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Use both copper IUD and pill/Depo?

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So I've had a copper IUD for over a year, and it's made my periods a lot longer (I spot for a week, then have a period for a week, so I'm spending over half my life bleeding). I'm interested in seeing if hormonal berth control will help regulate the bleeding? Is it safe to combine the copper IUD with a form of hormonal birth control? I'm specifically thinking of the combined pill or Depo shot..

Thanks for any advice.

4 Replies
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Hi Beth I am in the same position as you to whether to combine both copper IUD and birth control. A few of my friends say to ask my GP.

Which I plan to do...

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x_bethanyy in reply to Mamae

Could you let me know what they say? I don't want to waste money on a Drs appointment (I'm living in Australia) only to be told it's not a good idea...

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Mamae in reply to x_bethanyy

Hi Bethanyy I will

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I would talk to a doctor about combining birth controls just to be safe. But I’ve been on the Depo about 9 months now and the first few months I did spot all the time, which gets annoying. Now I only spot or bleed lightly around the same time each month. I do still spot out of no where but it’s not nearly as often. And the few weeks before I’m due for my next shot I tend to bleed a little more. But it’s different for everyone, some women stop having a period on Depo! Good luck and hope this helped

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