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Pre menopause diet

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I’m going through the most awful peri menopause. It’s been almost three years now. I tried HRT and it gave me near stroke like symptoms and had to stop after 4 days as I have lupus and I’m a former stroke patient from my 20s. Could you please tell me of a successful dietary plan to handle all this? I take soya milk everyday. I don’t want to take any tablets of red clover etc. Just diet. What do you do that has had a substantial positive effect of your symptoms. Help me out of this hell hole! Thank you!

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I'm taking starflower oil. They are helping with the flushes.

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Thank you.

Hi there, I’ve been dealing with this change for about 5 years now. I’m 43.

Have you heard of micro greens and shoots? You cut them when they’ve just grown, after about a week. They are nutrient-dense power houses that will give you vibrant health and nutritional support as your body is barraged by hormone fluctuations in peri menopause. Broccoli and radish shoots are delicious and tops for nutritional punch, also will help balance good and bad estrogens. Pea, sunflower seed, kale, arugula, nastirtium, mizuna, mustard, cilantro are other micro greens I grow. Farmers markets have them or you can grow them in your kitchen window. The goal is for your liver to be able to metabolize efficiently, sending the bad stuff on it’s way. Excess estrogen is as painful and dangerous as is inadequate estrogen.

Medically my advice is you need to find a compounding pharmacy near you, get referred to a Functional medicine doc, get blood drawn, and get BHRT, not synthetic hrt, but plant-derived bio identical treatment, if needed. Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr John Studd,, can help you further. Sepia is a homeopathic medicine I love and, because I don’t take antidepressants, I’m able to take 5-htp which has balanced me as well. Vitex for progesterone balance has also helped me greatly. Not sure if any of these are compatible with lupus. Each woman must make her way through peri menopause and find what works for her. Not easy. You may know that if ONE of these is “off”, it can cause a domino effect of hormonal imbalance: thyroid, gut biome, adrenals, cortisol, vitamin deficiency, food intolerance or allergy, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone.

Look into leaky gut, it also exacerbates peri menopause symptoms. Answer for this one is cut sugar. So it’s a puzzle you need help putting together. I’d quit all soy consumption, as they are highly refined and jury’s out if soy is safe, many say no. Just some thoughts from my experience.

Best of luck. Seek Functional medicine, acupuncture, infrared sauna for wellness and laser-focus on all-over health upgrades, get lots of B-6, micro greens, eat broccoli and drink green juice! Skip the soy. 💕

Wow! What a huge amount of information! Thank you so much. I will research all this and see what works for me. X

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Sorry you are going through this. Can I just ask, what are your symptoms? I am 46 and for a year have been suffering with super heavy uncontrollable periods as well as bleeding inbetween. After several investigations, it was put down to hormonal changes due to perimenopause but hormones don't seem to be always helping 😥

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