Menopause problem

Hi its good to find a community where i can find likeminded people and advice. Im 52 and have been referred to a Gynaecologist for further investigation. i had post menopausal bleed had a scan now have been fast tracked on for a first visit to Gynae specialist because of womb thickening and possibly a polyp . I just wanted to ask are there any other women who have gone through this scenario and what happens on the first visit. My doctor said nothing that would involve any anaesthetic or anything at first. The letter and doc said maybe some tests,,but what tests??. Can anyone give me any info if they have gone through this as im getting scared now. It does not say take anyone with me or anything so im hoping its just getting information off me and talking about options?. I would really appreciate help. Thank You.

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  • Sorry you're getting anxious, and really sorry I've no idea, give them a ring. Nurse care teams are usually the best bet for an understanding response.

  • Smackee,,,,thanks so much. I actually had to go to my doc again yesterday(i live at the place). She said nothing anaesthetic wise will be done . they may just try a hysteroscopy but it would just feel like pushing and would not hurt. : )

  • I have a Polyp apparently, as well as the thickened womb lining,,so,,, if anyone else is like me,,, had a transvaginal scan, had a Polyp and thickened womb lining and then referred to a first appointment with a gynae consultant can they let me know exactly what happened. thanks

  • Poor you, did you go alone in the end?

  • No,,, i have to go on Monday hun,,. I thought id not mentioned about the Polyp. Im more worried about that really. I will be going alone though.

  • Bless you Smackee

  • Well i went, had a quite painful examination by the gynae. i said before i did not want General Anaesthetic but she said we have to take out the polyp and take a biopsy of lining under general. I think its as i said i suffer from Anxiety. I suppose its important to keep still although she remarked i was doing well taking what she was doing!. Gynae said it does not look suspicious but they have to check lining to make sure. Ive even had a bit of pain with this exam so its best i think.

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