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Hi everyone

Just a question about premenaouse and it's physical symptoms does anyone feel like they are really unwell like a feeling that comes over them that's overwhelming and makes you feel anxious?

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Hi there I think you mean perimenopause which the transition towards menopause. The perimenopause has many symptoms all of which are associated with numerous gynae logical conditions. Although I haven't experienced the feeling you describe it could well include that. If you look up the symptoms for menopause that will give you a good idea. There's no real test for perimenopause sometimes gp's measure hormones but that's not a good indicator as they can fluctuate so much any day but erratic periods coupled with menopause symptoms is a better indicator. You should see your GP. Hope that helps x

The answer is a most definitely yes! But as with most health issues everyone is affected in different ways. Like previously mentioned the GP can't really tell from tests. I at the start of peri menopause (when ever that was? ) started to have missed periods then more periods than usual, and eventually they just stopped over a period of 12months or so. I found this the easiest part of the MP. The phycological side of things hit me with a bang. I lost confidence, stopped driving through panic attacks, lost concentration so easily, poor sleep, tired all the time, lost interest in socialising. My sister in law has no symptoms at all??? My younger sister suffers with dreadful hot flushes (nothing else). We are all so different. My friends is a nervous wreck with her MP.

I was refused HRT because it was around the time of the scare. Since then recently they gave decided that women should be allowed to have it if they wish to.

I was refused again because I had high cholesterol, I managed to lower my cholesterol to 5.1 from 8.2, but as I had dealt with the MP on my in for so long, I decided to just get on without HRT.

I don't get panic attacks anymore, just the odd feeling of uneasiness now and again, it's hard to explain. I have not driven for 10+ years , as I just don't feel alert enough behind the wheel! now I've lost all my driving experience, and this is the worst thing that the MP has done to me. It's really hard for some people, but GPs don't seem to want to know about women problems.

Make sure you don't suffer in silence, get all the help you can, there are well women clinics that are really good for MP women, unfortunately I live in the sticks, and these kind of facilities are unavailable.

Think about it very carefully and in depth, the MP can last for many years. There is also this to take into consideration GPs normally only prescribe HRT for approx 10 years, and for some women when the time comes to come off HRT they find it is to hard to handle the phycological side of things especially. I don't want to scare you but the MP takes up a big part of your life, and you need to get all the help and advice that you can. The MP is part of life I'm sorry to

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Hi there I agree with every word you say. I get worried driving because of sleep deprivation. I am into my 4th year of MP and totally fed up now. I've tried everything and nothing works. My GP is useless and says it will go eventually - he just doesn't know when. X

Just for a moment i thought that i was the only one going through these crazy feelings..These are indeed weried feelings.. One minute i am doing ok and the next i feel like i am at deaths door.. I think i sound so silly trying to explain to the many doctors i have visited.. but the sad thing is they always rule it as panic attack . So i am happy that someone else is having these strange feelings also. I hope we will get some kind of relief soon.

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Wow that's put my mind at rest to know someone else feels this way and yes the doctors have also dismissed this as anxiety attacks although I do have anxiety this is very very different hope we do get well soon too.

I can relate to this, I think I'm partially over the panic attacks, but that may be the counselling I'm receiving after my boss's loss, as the counsellor is teaching me how to handle anxiety. My main symptom at the moment is muscle strain. I only have to overeach or wriggle awkwardly in bed when one of the cats sleeps on my feet and I'm aching for days on end!

I've found this site that looks interesting: so I'm going to try looking at it over Christmas and see if I can come up with anything that might help.

YES!!! i have been really anxious and my legs wont stop trembling, im not eating much i done have interest in food, i cannot relax i dont want to do anything its so horrible.

Me too its awful and just makes life impossible at times


You sound like me atm I think the perimenopause is accountable for much of our symptoms at the moment

Yes of course! I have experienced it.

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