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1 year post implantation, constant cramps and pain


in Nov 2017 i had a copper IUD (Flexi-t) inserted. all had gone well, my ultrasound to confirm the placement was normal, i never had spotting between cycles. the only difference was the length of my period. prior to the insertion i would bleed for an average of 6-7 days and since November it has been 8-9 days.

i've never missed a period either, if anything it would be a week or so late/early (both before and after the IUD).

over the last month ive noticed some severe sharp cramping and had written it off as period cramps. but my period never came. i am currently cycle day 66 (usually 32 cycle max) with expected period 33 days ago.

i am sexually active but my relationship is long distance and i doubt i could be pregnant. i have taken three home tests just to rule that out- all negative.

im not sure if this could be related to the IUD or just a missed period..

(*my gyno has also had her license revoked since inserting my IUD and is no longer able to practice, leaving me with no access to my medical records. i am also 3 hours from my home studying in university. i live in canada)

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