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Post Menopause

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Have finally been diagnosed as being post Menopausal but still having the bleeding problems, bleed for about 2 weeks then nothing then off we go again.

Went to the doctor about the problem so we then had a rushed appointment made for a Scan and a Internal scan. Found out that the lining of my womb is just over 10 (mm) spose that is what they measure in, anything up to 4 is normal.

I then saw the gynaecologist who explained everything to me about the cancer that it could be (informed me that it is the best cancer to have as it is curable) Basically treating as cancer till they know

She then said could she do a biopsy so yes i said why not. she managed to get quite a bit and hopefully that will be enough other wise may have to have the camera (Hyteroscopy)

The procedure was a bit painful after felt a bit sick and mild pain came on home then it all hit me must of been the shock had the runs etc bp went low was all cold clammy and at the same time sweaty felt really sick and legs like jelly.

Bleeding very heavy again.

Basically the answer is a Hysterectomy but wait for results.

Could be Endometrial Hyperplasia without Atypia or Atypical Hyperplasia

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Hi I just wanted to say that I read your post and I put in a word of support. I do not have your condition. I did have irregular bleeding and a uterine sample taken but mine was normal. I researched a lot about uterine cancer and basically most of the articles I read said it is highly treatable. So, I wanted to just encourage you that if this is uterine cancer there are many treatments based on severity and do not lose hope.

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Thank you

i have got Endometrial Hyperplasia result of the Biopsy this is Not Atypical if it was atypical i would have endometrial cancer.

I am on a course of tablets to try and thin the lining. Basically when you are past the menopause you should have not bleeding and the lining of your womb should be thin my is 10mm

So hopefully symptoms will go and it will get better

About a year and a half ago I had to get a D and C and biopsy, my lining had thickened to 16! (have been through menopause) Fortunately there was no cancer, but yesterday I started bleeding so here we go again.

I am on Norethisterone for 6th months when i will then have another biopsy and scans to check to see what has happened , they wanted me to have the merina.

If i bleed in the meantime i am to go straight back

what have they said to you re the bleeding again

Doc said my uterine lining is thickened again, they couldn't see anything else on the ultrasounds. So I will get biopsy done when he does the D and C. The bleeding has stopped at the moment

is this a form of progesterine

I have just put a post on Womens Health as i am very confused.

Yes to help the lining shrink. see my latest post and the latest

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