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Any advice or help :)

Hi all :)

For many years I have suffered from hormone imbalance. I started my periods when I was 10 I am now 25. When I was 17 I was put on the pill (microgyen- which is the best for me) which helped.

Over the years my hormones have been up and down and I've managed to ignore any side effects. But since having my son 17months ago everything has gotten worse.

I have seen doctors and specialists who have had tests done to rule anything nasty out and I had a histeroscopy in November where they removed abnormal cells and I was told things would improve.

I've since been back to doctors and they've said things will eventually settle and I needed to lose weight.

I know I need to lose weight and I am slowly but that's not gonna happen over night.

I suffer from bleeding in between periods, acne and excessive sweating.

I am also waiting for follow up appointments from the hospital but in the meantime was wondering if there was any natural supplements I could take which would help? I can deal with the bleeding and spots but the sweating is becoming unbearable as it's only my face/head.

Any help or advice i would greatly appreciate :)

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Have they checked your thyroid levels?


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