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Please, advise surrogacy-friendly countries!


My name is Natalia. My partner and I trying to start a baby more than 5 years. No success so far.

I consulted with doctors in Mexico. They said that I am infertile.

We can’t afford surrogacy here, in the USA. Because we live here without legal rights and work here in our friends company. I don’t have any kind of insurance.

Can you suggest us any surrogacy- friendly countries? Which countries have the best price?

It will be really nice, if we can find a clinic with doctor, who speaks Spanish!! Any thoughts????

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Why do not u concern the most obvious one, I mean, Spanish clinics?

I can share my personal exp . Me and my husband r proud parents of twins, though we re trying to conceive more than 2,5 years till I went through the egg donation procedure in the Ukrainian clinic due to low egg quality. Thanks god , donors’ egg worked 4 me! :)

And I hope ivf will help u 2!!! Fingers crossed!!!

Btw, they have kind of clients' community, so I was socializing with Spanish and Argentinian couples, I can give you my fb id and share these contacts with u.

If u r legally married with ur partner, u may try the one I know.



Just as ukulemily mentioned, my friend who had been trying to conceive for over 5 years informed me of a clinic in Ukraine as well. She mentioned that surrogacy is highly successful and organized in that clinic. She also noted that all necessary tests and medical clearance are done before the procedure commences.

I am not so sure of Spanish clinics, but Ukraine is surrogacy-friendly,


Hi! I believe you can find a solution. A great number of residents of the U.S prefer having treatment abroad because of really high prices in the US. So, what is your nationality on paper?

If you speak Spanish you can perhaps find clinic right there in Mexico, as I’m aware they allow such programs but I do know nothing about their legislation and so.

There’s not a language problem at all if you’ll apply to the European clinic. Their offices are used to have different interpreters. Even if they don’t provide Swahili or Farsi translators they’ll certainly find a Spanish speaking manager for you, because it’s widespread language.

In Spain you don’t find a suitable surrogacy offer. the best option to consider is eastern Europe, no doubts

(India doesn’t provide surrogacy for foreigners any longer)


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