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Hi everyone,

I got diagnosed with endometriosis last year when I was 17 and I had Laparoscopy last year, where they found scar tissues and they lasered the cells. I’m now on a contraceptive pill and take mefenamic acid daily. I’m still in pain mostly every day and don’t know how what else to do. Do I get another laparoscopy or is there any medicine to take to help with the pain?

Is there anyone that has also been diagnosed and has any advice?

Been 18 I don’t feel like I’m been taken seriously at Doctors!

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I've had serious period pain since I was 11 (I'm 22 now), I've been on the Pill since I was 17, which didn't help, I changed to a different one recently which also didn't help, so I have been tricycling my pill (taking three strips back to back then having a break) which is better for me only having four periods a year instead of 12. I have given Mefmenic Acid to take to help with the pain, it didn't, I have recently been given Naproxen for the pain which I have found doesn't help, but it might help you, though it makes me bleed quite a lot which is another reason why I stopped taking it. I would recommend going back to your doctor and having another chat with them, so if they can refer you to someone to have some more checks done and also discuss other options of contraception for you. My next step before I get too serious is an IUS, though I have actually been considering getting a hysterectomy because I get that much pain. Sorry if this doesn't help but that's what I've been through so far, don't give up because you'll get results in the end, I promise


Thank you that has actually helped a lot, I’ll keep that all in mind. Hope goes all well for you too


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