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Had a miscarriage at 6wks fetus stopped @5wks negative pt n now a positive pt

I need some advice & answers plz... My miscarriage started Aug. 31st and on Sept. 5th everything came out and my bleeding got very very light and on the 9th i stopped bleeding completely.... I have started having intercourse off and on afterwards as well. My doc suggested that i pee on a pregnancy test after i stopped bleed so i waited a few days & Sept.12th i took on and it said negative with 1 real dark bold line! Not 2 not even a faded 1.... So i figured my hormones went dwn like they said or my test would have detected it! Well on Oct.5th i didnt feel good my sister suggested i take a test and this 1 was positive with 2 bold lines so i went to the doc and hers said positive as well so they did some labs to see where my hormones was and she said its @ 441 which means its from my miscarriage & not a new pregnancy! But it wasnt long before i took that negative test im so confused! & i feel pregnant ive been having cravings and everything and my period from my miscarriage hasnt appeared yet! Im so bummed i was hoping & praying for a whole new pregnancy! DOES ANYONE KNOW INFO ABOUT THESE KINDS OF SITUATIONS ? THIS IS MY 1ST MISCARRIAGE IDK HOW ALL THIS WORKS! WHATS GOING ON MY DOCS AREN'T VERY HELPFUL!

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