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Warning about Filshie clips

Ok so I was sterilised 7 years ago, and had been told my fallopian tubes would be cut and tied- no reason to question anything... Fast forward to 2 years ago I get a constant nagging pain in my lower left abdo- i have numerous investigations including a Lap, which only showed that I had actually had Flishie clips put on my tubes- I was NOT impressed - i have a nickel allergy, and this could have been causing the on off pain i had since the op (every time being fobbed off by GPs saying it couldnt be the op causing it)

Im still in pain so I ask them to go in and remove the clips in case its them causing the pain (as I had been shown photoes of them shiny and clamped on my fallopian tubes) fast forward a year waiting for said op- they go in (consultant pulling faces about the "need for the op" and making out im a pain in the ass) Was told 20 mins tops and "If theyu have fallen off Im NOT lookiing for them"

2 HOURS later i come round in agony- it turns out BOTH clips had fallen off (i had been shown the wrong pictures) and one of them had EMBEDDED in my uterus. Had i waited any longer I WOULD have needed a Hysterectomy.


I ended up having to take pain meds, then controlled pain with hypnotherapy, I was getting migraines, high blood pressure, swollen ankles and high pulse for OVER TWO YEARS!! all down to this stupid metal clip i never agreed to having put inside me. All the above symptoms have now gone and I now do not have to take water tablets, migraine meds or pain killers!!!

More hassle than a little!!

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So sorry to hear everything you have been through. I got sterilised 21 years ago now using the clip method, I don't know if the clips have contributed to my uterus pain which I'm going through right now, I've had a uterine eblasion 6 months ago to stop my bleeding, I'm constantly constipated and bloated out so I'm on the waiting list to see if it is anything gastro related.

Hope things get better for u ☺️


Thank you, Im sorry to hear about your troubles- it could be a migrated clip causing the problem- some stay on others fall off... neither is brilliant for our insides to be honest. Good luck with your investigations :)


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